A woman in stockings and high heels holds a heart-shaped red gift box against her calf. Photo.

Ready for your last piece of festive filth (possibly) from me this year? I’ve spent much of last week playing with the potential hotness of giving a pair of panties as a present, but it took me a while to work out what would happen after the panties got unwrapped.Read More →

Woman relaxes by warm fire with a cup of hot drink and warming up her feet in woollen socks. Photo.

Today’s festive filth is also late, because I’ve spent much of the last forty-eight hours napping by a fire while wrapped in a fluffy blanket. My day didn’t involve an anal finger fuck (sadly) but I have spent a lot of time thinking about my partners and play partners lubing up their fingers and slowly (very slowly) pushing them inside my ass.Read More →

Being that this was originally intended (once again) to be Saturday smut, I’m very late posting this. I’m trying to not be stressed about this, though without much success. Still, I’m excited about this Saturday Sunday smut, because I’m back to convincing y’all that chocolate Yule log is better than Christmas pudding through a sloppy blow job.Read More →

Two people sit in front of a Christmas tree, holding glasses of champagne. Photo.

We’re back on track with festive filth today, and I am again exploring the idea of bets that decide who gets to top that night. Especially when the winner gets to claim an ass fuck of some sort, because rough butt sex forfeits feel deliciously mean. Also, can you tell I’m really into making subby boys wear butt plugs just now?Read More →

Paper shopping bag with black silicone sex toys on red background. Photo.

Today’s post was going to be a super indulgent list where I share what kinky Christmas presents I wish I could buy myself this year. And, ok, it technically is that, but it’s also a list of the festive fucks I’m not going to have this year, but really wish I could. These are essentially my current filthiest fantasies – mince pies aside.Read More →