Glasses give a new perspective

I’ve been thinking recently about how I’ve been told that I am apparently sexier when wearing my glasses, but despite this I generally take them off for sexy fun. I hope you enjoy where my filthy imagination took my ponderings-on-the-sexiness-of-glasses.

She’s waiting for me on her knees, like I told her too. Without my glasses, even the familiarity of my bedroom is a little blurry, and the girl on her knees decidedly different to my girlfriend. Shaggy, just-been-fucked hair fell around her face, and she was looking up at me over thick-rimmed glasses, biting her lip to hold back her smirk. Her eyes are alight with mischief.

Three quick steps, and I’m standing over her. I tangle my hands in her hair and pull her towards my crotch, and she mouths hotly at the front of my jeans. A few fumbled fingers later and I’ve unbuttoned my fly and am holding my already hard cock in my hand. She looks up at me, grinning wickedly, before she folds her arms behind her back and takes it into her mouth.

I may not recognise her, but the girl sucking me off seems to recognise what I want her to do. At first, she teases me, pulling back to look up at me with eager eyes – making me pull her back on to my dick. I try to summon coherence and push away the strangled arousal, making my voice hard when I spit out the words.

“Is that all you’ve got?”

She makes a sound that is half growl, half groan, and redoubles her efforts. She takes me deeper into, and it’s wet and messy. This time it’s me making an almost desperate sound. There is a challenge in her eyes when she looks up at me now, as though she’s daring me to go harder.

I hold the back of her head and force my cock deeper into her throat. I fuck her mouth; fast, hard, rough. She lets me use her as a fuck-toy, and the whimpering sounds she makes, the ropes of saliva that run from her lips to my dick when I relax my grip for a moment so she can catch her breath… unnggh.

However, I don’t want to come in the unknown girl’s throat, as wonderful as it would be to watch her swallow my come and lick her lips. I want to come over her face and her glasses. The glasses she’s looking up at me from behind, eyes watering with the struggle of looking up and holding still so I can thrust into her.

When I sense I’m about to come, I pull out of her mouth. Two firm strokes of my own hand, and I’m coming on her face. I grunt with satisfaction. My spunk splatters thickly against her glasses. For a second I don’t release her – looking down at my masterpiece – but when I do she removes the glasses and offers them to me.

“Lick them clean,” I growl.

I can almost see the twitch of arousal that shoots straight to her cunt, and I know I’ve got the words exactly right when I see the delighted look she gives as she takes raises the glasses to her lips. I watch, unable to hide my smile, as she licks my come off the lenses. When they’re clean, she stands up and places them gently back onto my face.

“Good girl.”

Reality focusses, and I grin at my girlfriend.

“Did that work for you?” she asks, with the confidence of someone who knows they are going to get an enthusiastic response and possibly a request to go again.

“Yes, hell yes.” I kiss her. “You’re a genius for suggesting we did this today.”

“Could you tell it was me?” Her voice is thick with curiosity.

“Yes, but I could almost forget. With you having your hair cut, wearing my glasses, and my vision not fully clear… yeah, you did look different. It was almost like someone else.”

She grins, standing up on tip toe to kiss me again. “Can I have mine back now?”

“You tend to take your glasses off when we fuck, so do you not want –”

She’s interrupting me before I can finish. “No-no-no-no-no. Fuck me. Please.”

Image sourced from Pixabay.

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