Kitten’s bell; a Sir, Lily and Kitten story

My mind is filled with so many wonderful filthy ideas just now. I’m thinking a lot about denial kink, and finding it extremely hot, and am developing strong feelings about being a kitten, a beta-sub, and humiliation kink. And how hot would it be to have a bell on your collar, so you cannot sneak off to masturbate when you’re on a period of denial?

Even though I’m supposed to be working, I keep sneaking glances at him. The emails that fill my laptop screen don’t hold my attention half as well as the sight of him doing geeky things and typing code, his skilful fingers moving quickly. Thinking about what else he can do with those fingers – like when he pinned me down and fucked my cunt hard with his fingers this very morning, making me come only when I begged – stirs my arousal.

I don’t realise how little attention I’m paying to my task until he turns around, having clearly felt my gaze on him. Blushing, I quickly glance down at my laptop again, but he had already caught me staring and is already rising.

“Slut-girl, come here! I want to use Kitten’s mouth.”

I hear a faint ‘yes sir’, and Lily’s footsteps pattering on the stairs. I wiggle a little, looking up with the most innocent expression I can muster, but all he does is raise his eyebrows and offer me a face that shows he knows exactly what is going on between my legs.

“Do I not get a say in this, sir?” I ask, and even as I say the words I know they’re a mistake.

He crosses the room in two quick strides and has grabbed a fistful of my hair. He yanks me to my feet, and I shiver in delightful breathlessness as he growls in my ear.

“You are mine, Kitten. I can use you whenever and however I want. Now get on your knees and let me use my property: I’m going to fuck that slutty hole so you think twice before you talk back to me again.”

He releases my hair and steps back, unzipping his jeans. Lily is behind me now, pushing my shoulders gently to force me to my knees. I have one second to grin before, and then I’m being a good girl and opening my mouth for his cock.

This is the best way to give a blow job. Lily kneels behind me, holding my arms tightly behind my back and making sure I cannot move. Then he fucks my mouth like I am nothing but a hole to be used for his pleasure – a slutty fuck toy. With her holding me, I have no control over how fast or deep he thrusts. When I choke on his cock, she whispers in my ear that I can take it, that I have to take it. She tells him how wet I am, what a messy girl I am, and both of them tell me that they are taking my wetness as consent to fuck me harder.

As he gets closer to the edge, I hope he’s going to come in my mouth – a privilege that has not been mine for several days. When he begins to pull away, I lean forwards, determined to keep my mouth on his cock, but Lily pulls me back. She holds me tightly, in a way that makes it impossible to turn away. His gaze holds mine as he gives his cock a few lazy strokes, and comes in spurts all over my face.

Without his cock in my mouth, the ache between my legs becomes unbearable. I squirm, sticking my tongue out to try and catch a bit of his come.

“Pathetic,” he sneers. “Hold our Kitten tightly, pretty slut-girl.”

I try to wriggle out of Lily’s grip, twisting round and searching for her lips. Kissing and grinding against Lily would go a long way to taking my mind off how bloody turned on I am – because I’m pretty sure my wet cunt isn’t going to get any attention for a while. She holds me securely thought: she knows from experience that if she fails in her tasks to make me obey, she will take her punishment alongside me.

“Bad kitty,” she whispers to me, reaching up my shirt and twisting one of my nipples sharply, making me squeal just as he returns to the room.

“Slut-girl is right, Kitten. You are misbehaving a lot. You need something to remind you of your place. Something other than the beating you’re going to get when you’ve finished your work: something that will stay with you much longer than bruises.”

He begins to undo my collar, and I lean back into Lily, shaking my head.

“Kitten,” he scolds me gently, and I drop my head forwards and allow him to remove the band of leather. I close my eyes, uncertain why the action makes me feel so sad. A few seconds later, though I feel it’s warmth on my neck again. I look down, and hear a tinkling sound.

“You have a bell on your collar now, Kitten, so you cannot hide when you have been bad. Whenever you move, you will remember who you belong to, and maybe it will help you behave a little better.”

I grin, kneeling there with Lily’s arms around me and his come on my face. Lily kisses my come-covered cheek, and the bell rings softly with the motion.

“Now finish your work, Kitten, and if I hear that little bell jingle I know you must be finished and ready for your spanking.”

Image sourced through Pixabay.

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