Cute kitten butt

It’s October’s prompt week, which means I spent a lot of this afternoon having fun walking around my flat naked so I could take photos in doorways. It also means it’s October, but I’d prefer not to dwell on that. Though it was Halloween-y inspiration that led me to being sexy while wearing kitten ears, and thus sharing my cute kitten butt with y’all.

This post contains my truly terrible photography.

I don’t currently own a kitten-tail butt plug, which is a situation I plan on rectifying as soon as possible. (And even my metal bunny-tail butt plug is currently missing, despite extensive searching through my sex toy box.) But even though I’m a little less kitten-ish than I might be with a tail, my arse still looks fantastic in black lace, doesn’t it?

There’s a chance that I am drawing attention to my cute kitten butt before I visit my partner next week because I’m hoping they’ll do deliciously sadistic things to me. That’s the kind of teasing, bratty thing that might get me a beating and some bruises, right?

A woman in cat ears leans seductively against a doorway. Photo.


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I want to hold your head so he can fuck your face
Itchy vulvas and vaginal gunk


  1. Super cute! Glad you were able to embrace the cute kittiness despite the case of the missing tails.

  2. Nice ears though your rather cute bum took my attention

  3. Your arse definitely looks fantastic in lace! I really like this picture, an airy space, yet the focus is on you and the door. Very nice!

  4. I’d like to see what can be viewed on the other side of the door too 😉 loving your hair too

  5. Your bum is indeed cute in the black lace, and the ears just add to that. Fingers crossed for further adventures to take the direction you want.

  6. Cute! The lighting here is really beautiful through the glass.

  7. I do love kitten ears and you wear these so well. I love your confident kitten pose too ?

  8. I love that light seems to have almost given you halo… I am not buying the angelic hint though


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