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I’m back with another post for Share Our Shit Saturday, and this time I’ve picked out blog posts where one line in particular stood out at me as being absolutely amazing. They’re also all blogs I definitely haven’t spent enough time poking around, but I’ve done a bit of exploring since I came across these blog posts, and have subscribed for updates.

As well as the titles being links, I’ve shared the sentences that I thought were brilliant, thought-provoking and important.

Submissive Feminist – Ethical Non-Monogamy and the “One Penis Policy”

“We need to assert our sexual freedoms in place of oppression because if we cannot be our true selves in our sexual/romantic relationships, where can we?”

Ooooh, I have some feelings about this one. I’ve been thinking a lot about the One Penis Policy recently as I try to figure out how I feel about polyamorous relationships. I absolutely love how Submissive Feminist explores how an OPP often has it’s roots in cissexism, transphobia, and queer fetishisation. She gives some great points to keep in mind while discussing the OPP with a partner, and ways to help make everyone feel more comfortable without limiting sexual freedoms or fetishising sex between women.

yes. please. more. – a quick update

“it is tiring to be so angry. i am tired.”

Fucking hell, this is an extremely relatable feeling. In fact, Kaya makes a lot of really good points in this update post, where she talks about her own feelings of overwhelming anger and – I hope I’m not putting words in her mouth here – hopelessness. Because she’s right: the world has been extremely shit recently, especially for survivors of sexual assault. Her comments about self-care actions that she used to see as ‘luxuries’ now becoming what she needs to keep going also really resonated with me.

Sex toy cookie decorating tutorial with easy icing recipe: a date night DIY – Super Smash Cache

“Or maybe to you, sex toys are just as magical.”

This is again a quote from the every end of the post, and it’s something that really spoke to me because yes, I think sex toys are utterly magical. I think Cy’s idea for an introvert-approved date night in icing cookies is an excellent one, and I love how they talk through some popular, body safe sex toys and their features alongside photos of the finished iced cookies. To be honest, you should go and take a look at this post for the photos: the cookies look beautiful and I am definitely tempted to follow Cy’s tutorial and make some myself.

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