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A monthly Share Our Shit Saturday post worked pretty well for me last year, so my plan is to keep going with this blogger positivity format in 2020. As well as trying to write more this past month, I did my best to read more as well, and I definitely have some fabulous sex positive shit to share with y’all from January 2020.Read More →

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Unlike last month’s Share Our Shit Saturday post (which was posted… this month), I’m prepared for this one! I spent October collecting links to other sex bloggers’ brilliant work – and there’s a lot of them, because apparently October’s sex positive shit was in even more abundance than usual.Read More →

Laptop, phone and notepad on a white desk. Graphic.

I’ve been taken notes of brilliant content I’ve consumed (or, more accurately, inhaled) this month, so I thought writing a round-up of July’s best sex-positive shit would be fairly easy. And then I had a stupidly-fucking-long week, wherein I both moved flats and had a mental illness bump (to put it mildly)… all of which leads to a late (and also short) Share Our Shit Saturday Sunday post.Read More →

Laptop, phone and notepad on a white desk. Graphic.

I’d say I don’t know how I missed posting June’s Share Our Shit Saturday post at the end of June… except I actually do. I’d planned to schedule this post so it went live when I was in London, but in my busy week leading up to those adventures I never got around to writing it. When in London – between Pride and CFNM adventures – I didn’t remember that this was the blog post I was supposed to be working on, and without an idea I didn’t publish anything.Read More →

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It’s June, so it’s time for a Share Our Shit Saturday post. As May is Masturbation Month, it maybe shouldn’t be a surprise that I’ve finished the month with more links to posts that stood out to me than usual. Although, not many of the posts in my round-up of May’s sex positive shit are actually about masturbation…Read More →