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It was the Pet Shop Boys who introduced me to Always on My Mind, the lyrics of which inspired my Share Our Shit Saturday theme this week. Simply put, the blog posts I’m sharing this week are on topics that have been – as you may have guessed – on my mind in this last week or so.

And yes, I get the irony that after tweeting about how surprised I was when I got included in several #SoSS posts last Saturday after a very inactive blogging week, I’m sharing posts that were published between eight days and eleven-and-a-half months ago.

Titles are links, so please do the clicking thing and visit these brilliant blogs and bloggers.

Red Hot Suz – What’s In My Bag! Sex Freelancer Edition

Currently on my mind: sex blogging while in public.

The week Suz Ellis published this post, I was really hitting my stride with my post-Eroticon blogging momentum. I really enjoyed the insight into what she brings with her to make my days the most productive while she’s out and about – I love finding out about how other sex bloggers do their creating and writing and magic. I’ve definitely used a few of Suz’s suggestions for my own coffee-shop-writing-adventures.

Coffee & Kink – The ethics of age gap relationships

Currently on my mind: age differences in kink and dating.

Published on GOTN‘s blog, Amy Norton‘s guest post about the relationships with substantial age gaps in relationships had me nodding in agreement. She discusses the three main factors that should probably be considered in age gap relationships: namely intent, power and relative life experience. I am pretty sure I’ll be pointing people to this post when I end up arguing about how age affects agency and consent.

Girly Juice – Protocol Diaries: To-Do, Ta-Da!

Currently on my mind: productivity domming.

I am always up for hearing more about Kate Sloan’s current long distance D/s dynamic, and this one was a click-as-soon-as-I-saw-the-link-on-Twitter read. I love the idea of better-living-through-kink that she discusses in this post, while also hugely relating to her worries that she’s “unfeminist” when she asks her partner for support in this way. But if this is “hardcore DD/lg” then that’s maybe a thing I’d like to explore a little…

Feisty Fox Films – Six SFW Stocking Stuffers for Kinksters

Currently on my mind: buying Christmas gifts for my kinky friends.

I smiled a lot when one of Taylor J Mace’s previously on tweets led me to this post, which includes six totally innocent gifts you can get for your kinky friends that are actually perverted. I love the suggestions they give in this post, and I am very into the idea of giving gifts that can be opened in front of family that are secretly kinky and I kinda want them all. Also the title is just awesome all by itself.

Knkstriped – Pervember Joker: Spit-roasting

Currently on my mind: twisted and extremely hot kink.

I need to spend more time reading Zebra Rose’s work, because I love it. I love it so much. This particular piece is set in a post-apocalyptic, futuristic world and features spit-roasting and some cunt-clenchingly good dirty talk. It also includes a much-needed content warning for not-quite-consensual sexual activity, but if that’s your thing you should absolutely go and check this out.

Image sourced through Pixabay.

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