Kind-of public sex: when people know you’ve just fucked

A woman wearing a bra kneels in front of a naked man. The tip of his hard dick is in her mouth as she sucks him off. Black and white photo.
Photo by the fabulous Focused and Filthy, used with permission.

A few weeks ago, I went out to dinner with friends. One of our conversations both turned me on and inspired this smut about (semi) public sex where your friends know you’ve just been fucked. Thank you to my brilliant, filthy friends who inspire me to write potentially brilliant, definitely filthy things.

Content note for elements of consensual non-consent, humiliation, and semi-public sex. 

He starts it.

It’s unfair how good he looks when he gets back from a run. He’s sweaty and panting and all she wants to do is bury her face in his crotch and breathe in the heady smell of his dick after a work out. She wants to lick the sweat off his neck and she wants him tell her to bend over and brace herself so he can pound into her with all the adrenaline that’s still pumping through his body.

Except she’s heading out. She’s meeting friends for dinner in less than an hour: there isn’t time for him to bend her over and fuck her until her legs shake like his are right now with the physical exertion of pushing his body to its limits. She wants him to make her all hot and sweaty too, but instead she kisses him lightly and grabs her make-up bag out of the bathroom so he can shower.

He smirks like he knows exactly how much she wants him.

When he emerges a short while later, she’s almost ready. He crosses the room to stand behind her while she puts on mascara, wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzling her neck. Fuck, she wants him. His hair is still damp from the shower and she inhales his just-showered scent of cedar-wood and lemon shower gel. He’s very, very naked, and his cock – his cock is thick and hard, pressing against her arse.

She can’t help grinding back into him, meeting his eyes in the mirror.

“All I can think about right now is fucking your mouth until your eyes water and your make-up runs down your cheeks. Then I want to pin you down on the bed and take you from behind, rough and hard until your make-up is smeared over the sheets and you can feel bruises forming on your hips from my fingers. I want to take you apart.”

His voice is low and his grin is playful, and it’s all she can do not to turn and drop to her knees in front of him. She tries to pretend that his words didn’t burn through her, their heat settling in her cunt.

“Mmm. Well, you’re going to have to wait, I need to leave in, what, three minutes? There’s no time for you to fuck me up right now.”

“Ok then,” he says, but he flips her dress up and pulls her back into him, so he can rub his hard cock against the soft cotton of her knickers. “But I saw the way you looked at me when I got back. I know how hot you are for me right now. You’re going to go and have dinner with your friends with your immaculate make-up and flawless hair, but I know you’re going to be thinking about my cock filling your wet, needy cunt all evening.”

She would hate how his words can leave her breathless if she wasn’t too busy trying to remember how anything could be more important than him fucking her right now.

“Fuck it.” She turns around and kisses him, her hand reaching for his cock. “Have you emptied -“

“Yes, I changed my bag before I showered.” He inhales sharply as She rubs her thumb over the head of his dick. “Fuck, do that again.”

The kiss is hard and messy, and a few seconds later he’s forcing her to her knees. She goes eagerly, savouring the soft groan of pleasure she makes when her lips close around the head of his cock.

“What will your friends think when you’re late?” he teases her as she moves her mouth down his length to meet her fingers, which have formed a ring at the base of his dick. “Will you tell them that you just had to blow me before you left?”

Her mouth makes a wet pop as it leaves his dick.

“You know which friends I’m meeting, right?” her eyes are full of laughter as she looks up at him, jerking him off with a touch that’s too light and has him thrusting his hips forward. “It’s Alex and Hani and Soph, who’s bringing her new boy. Oh and Jess and her husband Mark. You know, the couple who I’ve fucked.”

He does know. She’s told him stories – often while sitting on his dick and fucking him with painful slowness, her smirk daring him to thrust up into her – about the sex she’s had with them. Sex when they tied Mark up so he had to sit and watch her fuck Jess with her strap-on. Sex when Mark tied them together so he could switch between fucking Jess’ cunt and her mouth, teasing them about who would get his come…

They’re friends who have had good sex, and all of them are friends who talk about sex. Friends who she shares details of her sex life with, friends to whom who she wouldn’t be embarrassed to admit that she was late because she’d been blowing him. She goes back to sucking him off, and he moans as she takes him to the back of her throat.

She’s entirely too smug right now.

He curls a hand through her hair with no disregard for the time she spent carefully pinning it up. He pulls her off his cock and tugs her hair back sharply, forcing her look up at him.

“Oh, so you definitely won’t be embarrassed? You won’t mind if they notice how dishevelled and well-fucked you look? You won’t blush if they tease you because you’re flushed and squirming?”

He doesn’t give her a chance to answer, pushing his dick back into her mouth. This time she’s not blowing him: he’s fucking her mouth with quick, rough strokes. She likes it when he uses her like this – like she’s a toy to get him off, like he doesn’t care about her pleasure. She likes it when best when he switches from using her mouth to fuck her cunt. He knows that right now, what she really wants is him inside her. She wants his dick slamming inside her as he growls at her to stay still because toys don’t move.

That’s exactly what he’s not going to give her. Instead he fucks her mouth and keeps talking, holding her in place so she can’t control the depth of his thrusts.

“I bet you will care. You’ll care when they mock you because you’re distracted and flustered. They’re going to know how wet you are for me, because I’m not going to fuck your cunt. I’m going to come right now, but you’re not. You’re going to be needy and frustrated all evening and they’re all going to know why.”

She whines around his cock, all desperation and need. He ignores the scratch of his stoma bag against his hip as he pushes deeper into her throat. She chokes, her eyes watering as she tries to look up at him. Good.

“You’re a dirty fucking slut, and you’re going to go and meet your friends looking like one. You’re going to go out in public smelling of sex, smelling of me. Do you want that?”

She can’t nod with his hand in her hair like this, but she tries to. She whimpers when her unsatisfied cunt clenches around nothing as he fucks her face until she can’t taste, smell, feel anything but his cock.

He doesn’t do her the decency of coming in her mouth and letting her swallow. Instead he pulls out just as he starts to come, his spunk spilling on to her face and down on her tits and her dress. Her make up is smudged, and her hair is falling down around her flushed face. She’s a mess and he grins down at her. After helping her to her feet, he spins her around so she can look at her reflection.

“Do you think your friends will be able to tell why you’re late, slut?”

A quick look in the mirror answers that question: she looks undeniably well-fucked. She moves to fix her hair but his hand closes around her wrist.

“Nope, you don’t get to fix yourself up. You’re already late remember? And besides, I want them to know that you’ve just been fucked.”

She bites back a moan, but as she opens her mouth to protest he kisses her roughly. He licks his come off her collarbone and the top of her tits, biting her neck gently. There’s still spunk visible on her dress though. “You better hope that dries by the time you make it into town,” he says, pinching her nipple through her dress as a goodbye.

It does, but her friends still notice that she’s flushed and fidgeting. There’s a fair amount of good natured ribbing once she’s tells them why she’s late. She doesn’t blush, though – not much, at least. She’s comfortable: laughing and flirting and playfully arguing with Jess over what wine they should order. She’s barely thinking about how her clit is still throbbing with need. At least, until her phone buzzes with a text.

I’m going to make you beg for my cock when you get home, slut. If I was there I’d drag you off to the toilets and fuck you until you scream.

She’s definitely blushing now. She bites her lip and types back Bastard. Everyone knowing that she’s just been fucked shouldn’t be this hot.

I think there’s going to be another two parts to this story. It’s been months since I wrote anything filthy, so if you liked this and are excited for the next part, please consider buying me a coffee! Ok, yes, I’ll probably actually get a hot chocolate, but your support will help fuel my smut writing.

Kind-of public sex: where they know you're fucking in the toilets
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