Coloured beads spell out 'lets talk sex'. Photo.

Valentine’s day is a Big Deal for sex writers and sex bloggers, but I traditionally celebrate aĀ different significant day on 14th February. I know I still have a lot to learn – about myself and about sex – and I know half the things I want from sex and relationships right now will undoubtedly change, but IĀ am proud of what I have learned about sex so far. So today I’m (consensually!) stealing an idea from my birthday twin, Kelvin Sparks, and sharing 21 things I learned about sex at 21.Read More →

Shot of the interior of the Vagina Museum. Photo.

I never wish I lived in (or closer to) London more than when there are brilliant sex positive events happening that I can’t make it to – like the opening of the Vagina Museum tomorrow! Its first exhibition opens to the public this weekend and I’d love to be joining my sex blogging friends there tomorrow.Read More →

Vagina symbol. Two fingers on chocolate orange on red background. Photo.

I love talking about sex. I want to dissect the ways I say ‘I love you’ and make sure I know my partners’ verbal limits inside out so we can explore humiliation play. Luckily* I’m dating a sex nerd who is almost as into talking about sex and talking about how we talk about sex as I am. They understand that asking questions while you’re fucking can be really hot – and often leads to spectacular sex.Read More →