The knickers he wore before you

A pair of white lacy knickers sit next to a red heart and a condom. Photo.
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I’ve previously written a piece of festive themed filth about guys in knickers, but it’s I find incredibly hot and thus is likely to come up again on occasion. Despite the lack of a willing model, I have no shortage of ideas for erotica focussing on this particular kink.

Content note for femdom. 

I want to send you these knickers.

It’s not only because I find guys in panties incredibly hot.  Cocks straining against lace and satin and silk; god, they push so many buttons for me. I want you to be wearing those knickers for me, as a sign of all the filthy things you’ll let me do to you.

But there’s something a wee bit special about these knickers.

They are pink, and bought for this purpose alone. Too big for me, they’d slip from my slender hips. These are for you. I know you’d find it hot if I’d worn them first, so you could smell my arousal on their gusset before you pulled them on like I ordered you. These are for a slightly crueller game, though. One which makes me smirk when I think about it.

You see, you’re not the first to wear these knickers.

I told another guy to put them on, and instructed him to eat me out, teasing him with tempting words and fleeting touches until pre-come leaked into the flimsy fabric. I stuffed them in his mouth, to muffle his moans and make him taste himself while I filled him with butt plugs and slowly sucked his cock. Best though, was when I pulled them from his mouth and used the sodden material to wank him off, catching his come in the scrap of lace when he was given permission for an orgasm.

And now these are the knickers I want you to wear.

They look so innocent, don’t they? You can’t see any marks from his spit or his come, but they’re there. When you’re wearing them, you won’t be able to forget the fact that you’re not the first too. I’ll remind you too, of course, and I also remind you that for everything I did to him, I have something even filthier planned for you.

Each one starts with these knickers.

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  1. I should really not read your stuff while I’m killing time at a family gathering. It makes things uncomfortable…

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