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Where has April gone? I know it’s not quite over yet, but for me it has whirled past in a blur of non-sex-blogging deadlines and depression. Because it’s almost the end of the month, I have gathered together a few of my favourite pieces of April’s sex-positive shit by some awesome writers.

It feels like I’m still playing catch up, so please don’t look too closely at when this Share Our Shit Saturday post is published. Instead, go and check out the work of the the brilliant bloggers below!

A Kinky Autistic – Chicken Wings: A Clumsy Metaphor About Race

This one is important, folks. It was a hard one to read – and not just because I’m a vegetarian with a vaguely disordered relationship with food. Morgan writes about a time when they were confronted with their own white privilege and talks about how responding ‘not all white people!’ is an awful way to reply to someone who is expending their limited emotional energy on helping you become a better human being. They admit they were nervous to publish this post, but as a fellow sex blogger with white privilege I am really glad they did. Seriously, go read it.

Emmeline Peaches Reviews – I’m Tired (And That’s Okay)

You know those blogs that you read and then breath a sigh of relief, because the writer’s vulnerability has shown you that you’re not alone? Well, this was one of those posts. Emmeline talks about how our worth is often defined by our productivity and we’re now living in a society that views rest as a luxury. She reminds herself, and her readers, that rest is important and we should listen to our bodies when they’re screaming at us to lie down.

The Second Circle – Sex with disability (series 3, episode 1)

So far I’ve only listened to one episode of The Second Circle, but it was a truly excellent episode. The Second Circle is a sex podcast for overthinkers and the first episode of series three was packed with interesting sex positive discussions with a focus on disability. Franki Cookney talked to queer disabled writer and sex worker Miss Ruby Rousson, and there was a guest appearance from Girl On The Net as well. Sex positive podcasts are my favourite, and this episode made me smile a lot.

The Other Livvy – Avengers Assemble (or where I elaborate on how I chose which Marvel Chris I want to fuck)

I absolutely loved Avengers: Endgame, and I also love this spoiler-free blog post where Livvy talks about which of the Avengers she have sex with if she could only fuck three of them. Whether or not you agree with her choices, it’s a really fun read about the sexiness of all the superheroes and is a great place to start for planning your own Marvel fantasy foursome.

Girl on the Net – From 1000 readers to 100,000: building blog traffic

In this month’s #SmutlancerSpotlight is this post on the Eroticon website, where GOTN shares the “notes-and-detail” from her talk at Eroticon 2019. She talks about the three steps for building your blog, and the post contains one illustration of someone wanking on a train and one photo of two rabbits fucking. If this is the kind of post that makes you grin and scribble down a hundred ideas, you should consider coming to Eroticon in 2020.

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