Love (mini) eggs

I forgot that last week was Easter until I’d scheduled my Sinful Sunday photo, and although I think I made up for it with my Easter Monday smut about how to fuck when it’s too hot to fuck, I honestly wanted an excuse to buy more mini eggs. While I’ve never used love eggs in any of my fucking adventures or masturbation, I do love mini eggs.

Mini eggs are my favourite thing to eat post-wank, because there’s something satisfying and slightly decadent about the chocolatey deliciousness – especially the yellow ones. Because I have so often eaten them with the smell of my cunt still on my fingers, there is something a little bit sexy to me about mini eggs. And I’m pretty sure that even if mini eggs weren’t as close as I get to love eggs in my sex life, you’ll still be able to see why I think this photo is a little bit sexy. Or even a lot sexy?

Taking this photo reminded me that I can’t take photos, but I do love taking photos. Even if this one is blurry and not in focus, I like its composition and I had a lot of fun getting naked to take it. Of course, the jerking off and mini egg eating was fun too.

Photo of a boob, with a purple mini egg sitting next to my nipple and two yellow mini eggs nestling in my cleavage.

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  1. Oh I have a love of chocolate after climax as well !!!

    And your photo is fun and sexy !!!

    Xxx – K

  2. I am the same with taking photos, I don’t do it well, but I enjoy trying. Mini eggs are a special kind of delicious, definitely!

  3. Ooh. Let me know if you need a hand eating that one up…

  4. Chocolate after orgasm, now that’s something I’d never even thought of. Time to change that I think!

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