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My monthly Share Our Shit Saturday posts are going brilliantly… Wait, what do you mean, we’re almost at the end of October? It’s still September, and I’m not at all late with my round up of September’s sex-positive shit.

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Lessons in Kate – A Story about Huw – One

Kate is a truly brilliant writer, and I think she slightly melted my mind with the hotness of this particular post. It features two of my favourite kinks: piss play and degradation, and is filthy in a way that pushes so many of my buttons while also being beautifully written. If you’re into stories with fucking that doesn’t feature PIV sex, deliciously dirty dominant commands, and sweet aftercare affection, you’ll love this.

Queer and Confused – No

Poetry that makes me feel things is the best, and there’s a slight chance I cried while reading this piece. It’s raw and powerful and made my heart break for my queer and trans siblings. Quenby’s poem is about the struggles of being openly queer in the face of  heteronormativity, and it captures some of the anger and frustration I have felt so often as a queer person in a homophobic and transphobic society.

Coffee & Kink – Unlearning Sex Negativity

As someone who was a sex-negative teenager, this post really spoke to me. Amy is really brave to admit that she engaged in slut-shaming when she was younger: I think lots of us started there, no matter how sex-positive we are today – we grow up in a society that saddles us (especially afab folks) with massive sexual shame. Amy talks about how she learned to shake off her sexual shame in this fascinating post.

This post was written for Smutathon, an annual fundraising 12-hour erotic writing challenge. This year we wrote smut to raise money for The National Network of Abortion Funds – and you can still donate!

Knkstriped – Breathless Desires

Breath play is dangerous but it’s also a kink that I’m just-a-little-bit into, and Zebra Rose has addressed both of these issues here. She talks about how she finds breath play a turn on, but it’s not something she feels safe to play with. However, she and her partner have explored the ‘middle ground’ of obedience-based breath control, and she shares a very hot scene featuring this safer and more intimate way to play with this kink.

Molly’s Daily Kiss – Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 – Nominations

I’m breaking the rules of Share Our Shit Saturday again, because you still have 5 whole days to nominate your favourite sex bloggers for Molly’s Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019 list! Molly puts so much time into making this list every year (she’s incredible, really) and if there’s a sex blogger whose work you love, nominating them to the list is a great way of supporting them! And I am not saying this in an attempt to get you to nominate me – go put forward whoever your fave sex bloggers are.

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