A sex nerd in sex cuffs

Woman in red knickers has her hands cuffed behind her in red cuffs with the words 'sex nerd' on them. Her fists are clenched. Photo.

Hi, hello, I’m a sex nerd – to the extent that it’s written on my gorgeous new leather cuffs! When brainstorming what I wanted to have on these specially commissioned cuffs, I couldn’t think of a better way to describe myself than a sex nerd… and in fact I didn’t think of it – my partner did.

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I’ve been sex blogging for two years now, and there are many ways I’d describe myself today that I wouldn’t have before I started sharing my fucking adventures on the internet. Sex blogger, of course. Sex-positive. Pervert. Ethical slut. Switch. Polyamorous. Sex writer. Fuck-positive content creator. Solo poly slut. Audio porn maker. Kinkster. Pain slut. Sex nerd.

The latter is one of my favourite ways of describing myself. ‘Sex nerd’ seems to capture my enthusiasm for the kind of filthy sex that might end up with my hands in cuffs behind my back so someone could force my legs open and spank my cunt.

This photo was taken on a cake-and-photography adventure with a brilliant, sex-positive friend – and yes, the knickers were carefully sought out and selected so they perfectly matched my cuffs. Their dedication to helping me pick out the perfect underwear to take this set of photos is the kind of thing I really value in my friends – another thing that has changed since I started sex blogging.

These beautiful cuffs were made by Thorgils Leather, and I won them in a raffle run by Smutathon as part of their fundraising efforts for The National Network of Abortion Funds. Smutathon is an annual fundraising 12-hour erotic writing challenge, and I was so excited that Thorgils Leather offered a pair of customised cuffs as a prize to encourage folks to donate. If you want a pair of cuffs like these, check out their etsy store.

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday is run by the wonderful Molly Moore – click the kiss for more sins…

While you no longer have the chance to win an awesome pair of sex nerd cuffs, you can still support the Smutathon by donating here. Please help them reach their target and raise money for a pro-abortion charity. 

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  1. Those cuffs are gorgeous and you stole my heart by finding lingerie that matched. A great image 🙂

  2. Superb image, definitely enhanced by the fact that the underwear and cuffs (REALLY love the cuffs!) match.

  3. Such a gorgeous image, I love the rich red and the combined texture of leather and lace, stunning!

  4. This is amazing. Beautiful and funny

  5. Both cuffs and knickers are awesome (where did you find the knickers by the way?) and I love how you managed to capture a glint of light on the carabiner


    1. Author

      The knickers are from Primark – five quid for a knickers and bralette set!

      1. Congratulations on winning those gorgeous cuffs, and thanks for sharing this super sexy image ?

  6. This is a beautiful image. I love the red of both cuffs and knickers against your pale skin. Fabulous xx

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