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If this is going live on Saturday morning, it means that I’ve probably written it instead of doing Responsible, Adult-y things that have pre-Saturday morning deadlines. Oh well, at least I’m sharing my some of my favourite pieces of November’s sex positive shit with y’all.

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The Wench Works – Losing Your Dominant: Processing Pain, Healing, & More

I’m blaming period hormones for the fact I cried while reading this post, but it is super emotional and super good. Break-ups of any kind are super hard and I have so much admiration for Wendy’s vulnerability in this post. It’s hard to admit to yourself when things you’re doing are unhealthy – and even harder to admit them to other people – and this post is incredibly powerful. Y’all need to go read it now, because my words can’t do the self-reflective growth in her words justice.

“This is the first thing I want to tell you guys not to do- don’t hurt yourself because you lose your Dominant. Don’t hurt yourself because you lose anyone. I don’t just mean physically hurting yourself either. I mean don’t, in a fit of rage, stop taking your meds, or stop eating your meals at good times, or stop showering.”

Sex, Love and Videotape – Colette

Livvy’s blog is currently forming the basis of my ‘to watch’ movie list so I can actually read her reviews, but I had already seen this one! I mean, it features Kiera Knightly in a corset – two of my very favourite things. I really enjoyed the film, and I also really enjoyed this brilliant review written through a feminist, sex-positive, pro-polyamory lens.

“This type of open relationship is not uncommon but I can’t view an agreement where the man can sleep with as many women as they want but the woman isn’t allowed to sleep with an equivalent number of men as anything other than misogynist.”

Sex and Silks – Under the Sexual Microscope

Hermione Danger describes herself blogger who writes about her sex life but who isn’t an erotica writer, but this post is very hot and filled with kinky tenderness. The being-analysed-like-a-science-experiment thing is also a kink of mine, and this is such a good exploration of why it’s so hot. Nerdy, romantic consensual sexual objectification for the win.

“I still find myself blushing and averting my gaze when I see That Look on his face, the look that tells me any attempts to disguise my desire will be utterly futile, that he knows my body as well as anyone in the world, myself included.”

Pink Space Lime – Budget Kink

I love this list of suggestions for budget kink play, because I’m a big fan of both pervertables and kinky sex being accessible to everyone. Kayla’s post has great ideas for low-to-no cost ways to get stuck into kink that she has personal experience of, and she gives a bunch of safety tips, which – in my mind – is especially important when you’re using non-kink toys for pervy purposes.

“Just keep in mind safety, as I have mentioned before and will continue mentioning until I am blue in the face. Do your research. Figure out the safe zones on the body, especially when diving into any form of impact play.”

Exhibit A – Catalyst

I might be the only one badgering EA to write more, but it’s because I find his words seriously hot. This one is – I think – inspired by real life sex, and it probably makes me a huge perv that I’m very into this. EA is a brilliant writer and I may possibly have wanked over this seriously fucking hot description of anal, sex toys, and – best of all – kissing.

“So I give it to her. Just for a minute. Just to make things even more frustrating and delicious when I take it away again. I hold her very still with one hand, and use the other to smear saliva over the head of my cock. Hold it against the entrance to her cunt and feel her open up just enough to pull it inside.”

Girly Juice – Remotely Helpful, Part 1: Flexible & Delightful

In my Smutlancer Spotlight this month is Kate Sloan’s brilliant three part series on working from home. As a student-slash-sex-blogger whose working on increasing her side-hustle productivity right now, these posts were super helpful and full of ideas I’m going to do my best to put into practice.

“In my experience, if someone knows you work from home/are a freelancer, they’ll often assume that means you can do whatever you want whenever you want, deadlines be damned. I don’t know why they think this. It is annoying as fuck.”

I want to make you hard (messily, imperfectly)
Fluid proof sheets and needing to pee during penetration

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