A couple fucking doggy style, neither of their faces visible and his hands gripping her hips. Photo.

I love Focused and Filthy‘s images so much – they’re bold and striking and inspire all sorts of dirty thoughts. Today, it’s inspiring thoughts of playful giggle fuck. Right now I want sex that comes with laughter and a kind of intimacy that I explore less often than that of filthy degradation. As I can’t have giggly sex right now, I’ve written about some times a trans guy (he/him) and his agender partner (they/them) have it instead.Read More →

Black woman in a wedding dress has her garter removed by a white masc person. Photo.

As a solo poly slut in my early twenties, I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to get married. But as a queer, trans and polyamorous person, I’m pretty sure that if I do then it wouldn’t exactly be a traditional wedding – let alone a traditional marriage. And my favourite thing about writing your own relationship scripts is that it leaves a tonne of potential for thinking up new, filthy wedding traditions. Like the wedding night orgy.Read More →

A cup of coffee and laptop sit on a coffee shop table.

Quite a bit of my erotica is set in coffee shops, because they’re my favourite place to write and I get inspired by the different ways I wish I could fuck there. I really miss my productivity when I work around other people, which I obviously cannot access during lockdown. However, in mourning this part of my pre-COVID routine, I ended up writing about some of sexy things I can no longer do in coffee shops.Read More →

Trans woman with painted nails lies on the floor, pulling down her black jeans to reveal turquoise lacy underwear. Photo.

Today I was thinking about the vulnerability of sitting on someone’s face, and how my legs shake when I try to hold myself above them. I ended up writing about dominant face sitting – the kind when you just want to tease the fuck out of the person beneath you. This filth features a trans lesbian (she/her) and her genderfluid girlfriend (they/them).Read More →

Naked man with hairy legs sits on floor with laptop between legs covering his junk. Photo.

Inspired by a dream where a friend caught me wanking over his smut, I knew exactly what I was going to write today. Specifically, filth about a bisexual pretty boy, their genderqueer boyfriend, and a punky queer girl having a late night sofa fuck. Can you tell that the idea of a dominant pushing my face into someone’s cunt is very hot to me right now?Read More →