Queer couple sitting on edge of the bed embracing each other, one whispering in their partner's ear. Photo.

Writing this was hard, but I wanted to contribute a little bit of filth for all the wanking from home we’re doing at the moment. This one is a little darker, and features a queer couple struggle fucking – because sometimes orgasms help you fall asleep even if you don’t think they will.Read More →

Young lesbian couple kissing each other on a city street. Photo.

This filthy idea appeared on a day I was supposed to be scheduling blog posts in Starbucks, and instead all I could think about was exchanging hot, hungry kisses with a girl who just happened to have a paid of cuffs in her bag. However, I would like to make it clear that I have never airdropped my nudes to anyone while writing in a coffee shop.Read More →

This photo inspired so many filthy thoughts, especially because I want to grow as an erotica writer and write more smut featuring masc characters right now. The act of shaving (or being shaved, *swoon*) is hot in itself, but today I want to focus on the anticipation that shaving before a big scene can bring. For example, how would it feel if you were preparing for your dominant to lock up your dick in a cock cage?Read More →

Two masc-presenting folks kiss passionately, both with tattoos on their arms. Photo.

Showing off my new (and very tight) jeans to the sadist I’m flirting with right now gave me the idea for a fuck. A fuck that’s so harsh that every stroke is a painful reminder that I’m their slut. I think that’s something they could dish out – and get off on making me take for them. So I wrote about it, featuring a dominant enby and a slutty transmasc queer at a sex club.Read More →

Hands unzipping the fly on their partner's blue jeans. Photo.

My desire for blow jobs in bathrooms has not faded so I’m back with more filth about sucking dick. Sucking dick, of course, isn’t inherently submissive, but I often write it that way in my erotica. Throat fucking is hot, but so is having someone fuck your dick with their mouth. So here is a dominant enby showing a subby cis guy how they can top him while on their knees.Read More →

A hand is clenched around blue silk sheets in orgasm. Photo.

January was a long month, but the week when I wasn’t allowed to come before I went to see my enboifriend was perhaps the longest. I’m an orgasm hungry slut, but one who is really into orgasm control. Allowing them to deny me in the seven days leading up to see them is the closest I’ve come to playing with a 24/7 D/s dynamic: it was a week long orgasm denial scene and it was incredibly hot.Read More →