Hands holding pink rabbit vibrator and iPad above black bedsheets. Photo.

Social distancing and self-isolation has everyone talking about masturbation, whether they’re too stressed to have sex or are eagerly embracing wanking from home. For me, social distancing has come hot on the heels of a period frustratingly low libido. As I haven’t been coming much in the last month, I’m now actively trying to mix up my masturbation habits.Read More →

Four women with their arms around each other are wearing bright running leggings and sports bras. Photo.

Even before I had sex for the first time, I was pretty sure that I wanted to eat ass. Rimming comes up less frequently in my filth writing than it does in the sex I actually have. Even then, it’s something I enjoy infrequently due to the feasibility of any kind of anal play. As I stuck my tongue in my enboifriend’s ass yesterday, this seems a good time to talk about the practicalities of rimming.Read More →

A hand is clenched around blue silk sheets in orgasm. Photo.

January was a long month, but the week when I wasn’t allowed to come before I went to see my enboifriend was perhaps the longest. I’m an orgasm hungry slut, but one who is really into orgasm control. Allowing them to deny me in the seven days leading up to see them is the closest I’ve come to playing with a 24/7 D/s dynamic: it was a week long orgasm denial scene and it was incredibly hot.Read More →

Woman holding two zucchinis - one small and the other bigger and more ripe.

Today I’d like to introduce the newest member of my blog’s character cast: The Nerd, because we followed a very civilised coffee date with very hot hotel sex. He fucked me with rope and hurt me in all sorts of deliciously sadistic ways, but the highlight of the evening just might be the blow job. I love sucking dick, so today I’m going to talk about the magical experience of sucking him from soft to hard.Read More →

A woman's legs, wearing fancy brogue-style shoes. Photo.

If you’ve read my filth, you probably know that semi-public sex is a big kink of mine – I find getting away with fucking (or getting away with getting fucked) very hot. And when it comes to semi-public sex, I think the art of a foot job is underrated. Not that I’m good at giving foot jobs, necessarily, but I find them really fun and don’t often hear folks talking about them.Read More →