Girl wearing headphones lying naked holding a video games console. Photo.

I’m unashamedly stealing the idea for today’s smut from Girl on the Net, but I think she’ll be ok with that, because I’m pretty she’ll be enthusiastic about the creation of more filthy stories about Xbox blow jobs. I should start with a disclaimer that I have never played a game on an Xbox, and this entire story of strap-on suck jobs and femdom fucking might be entirely unrealistic. I like to think it’ll still be hot, though.Read More →

Up-skirt view of my cunt. Photo.

I like adventures without knickers. Last weekend I took a flight to see my play partners, and – because it was a beautifully warm day, and because I am somewhat a kinky slut who likes a little hedonism – I didn’t wear knickers.Read More →

A pile of newspapers. Photo.

It’s June, so it’s time for a Share Our Shit Saturday post. As May is Masturbation Month, it maybe shouldn’t be a surprise that I’ve finished the month with more links to posts that stood out to me than usual. Although, not many of the posts in my round-up of May’s sex positive shit are actually about masturbation…Read More →

Flight of intimidating stairs leading upwards. Photo.

I wanted to write something vulnerable today, and channel my mess of emotions into creating a piece of impactful writing. I have no idea if I’ve done this, but this post discusses self-love and self-hate, with mentions of suicidal ideation because a lot of my worst depression comes from a place of being disgusted with who I am. It’s also sort of a love letter, to someone I hope one day meets the person I’m working to become.Read More →

Baking ingredients, with flour covering eggs and a rolling pin. Photo.

As I’m exploring continuing my explorations with butt plugs, anal sex is increasingly present in my fantasies. The idea of butt sex as a punishment is one that I’m fascinated by – in the this-is-scary-but-also-so-hot kind of way. I wanted to play with that idea a bit more, plus write smut featuring degradation and cupcakes.Read More →