I’m hoping to be properly back this week, so I’m kicking things off with a quick story about sexy shorts and not-quite fucking in an airport for Masturbation Monday! I’m wearing my own shorts that make me feel super sexy today, but I’m pretty sure I won’t get fucked in an airport either…Read More →

I feel nervous about posting this, and not for the usual reasons that I’m unsure of my writing ability or embarrassed of the fantasies I’m sharing. I’m nervous because posting these words could actually change my life in less-than-positive ways, if seen by the wrong people.Read More →

Drawing of a woman giving a man a blow job - he is sitting, legs spread, on a blue sofa, and she is lying next to him with her head in his lap. She is wearing knickers, and his hand is lying gently and intimately on her butt. In the background there is a pot plant, a coffee table with a bottle of lube on it, and a painting featuring erotic art.

I kicked today’s ass. However, ass-kicking is exhausting, and I’m now achy and tired and have absolutely no more energy for people. I’m ridiculously proud that I managed to write these words down into a somewhat coherent post of a not-quite-true story about my first face-fucking.Read More →

Today I’m sharing a fantasy that I’ve been exploring for a while. In an effort to get the story on paper, though, I played around with the narrative style a bit, so I hope it still captures a little of the sexiness I feel about my body being a fuck manual…Read More →

I’ve started this blog post again and again, but kept getting distracted by buying butt plugs or watching porn or talking to sexy people about equally sexy things. I enjoy flirting, and I feel like there’s been a lot of it today, so tonight I’m sharing a silly, fun, filthy poem about sexting.Read More →