Sex can be intimate and sex can make you laugh. Today, I’m sharing a real-life snapshot from the sex I’ve had this weekend – wonderful, warm sex with an almost whimsical quality. I’m not sure how hot my description of the moment actually is, but the act of guiding someone into their partner’s cunt was so wonderful that I couldn’t not write about it.Read More →

This story is about two consenting adults: Jamie Woods is a twenty-year old first-year student studying Creative Writing and English Literature at an English university. Poppy Stuart is about six years older than her and has just started her PhD – which this semester includes acting as a Teaching Assistant for an undergrad class (though god knows if English universities actually have TAs). The power imbalance between them is what – to me at least – makes this fiction hot. I’m not condoning people actually sleeping with their university lecturers.Read More →

Today I have some this-might-actually-be filthy poetry for y’all, featuring scrambled eggs, unshaved legs, and some memories of past fucks.Read More →

As I fell in love with the music of a butch lesbian over the weekend, I feel a little guilty about making this piece about lusting over a straight cis guy. Right now, though, I’m on my period and feeling really awful, my fantasies are all about being held while I cry in foetal position… and as that isn’t going to happen, I’m going to write about sex that is spontaneous and fun.Read More →

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