It’s taken me a while to get around to publishing this review, but I’ve had a lot of fun trying out the rechargeable wand from Pink B.O.B. that Too TimidĀ sent me. And it’s important to test a sex toy out thoroughly before you review it, right..?Read More →

I started at least four stories for today’s smut, because the prompt of Missy’s beautiful boobs bound with a belt is one that gave me so many ideas. In my drafts, this one is entitled “pirate fucking” – which, to be honest, describes a hell of a lot of my fantasies…Read More →

Today I’m sharing a story that makes me smile every time I think about it. In one wonderful, kinky act, a friend showed me how much he cared about me – removing my anxiety and leaving deep certainty in our deep, platonic friendship.Read More →

I’m a wee bit nervous about this post. I knew the story these characters were trying to tell, but I had to rewrite it several times until my words captured the scene in my head. I’m still not sure I’ve quite got it right, but I do like the story I’ve created.Read More →

My list of ideas for blog posts has never been longer, but writing any of them seems impossible today. It’s not just anxiety that’s preventing me from concentrating, though I imagine that’s part of it. Today I am craving human touch, and I hope in writing this I can move on and focus on other things.Read More →