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Unlike last month’s Share Our Shit Saturday post (which was posted… this month), I’m prepared for this one! I spent October collecting links to other sex bloggers’ brilliant work – and there’s a lot of them, because apparently October’s sex positive shit was in even more abundance than usual.

Or possibly I just spent more time actively reading other folks’ work. Either way, please click all the links!

Arousibility – Breaking My taboo: Pooping

This post is about pooping – but also about health and advocating for yourself. Eve is totally right: it’s really hard to overcome society’s taboos and talk about our bowels and toilet habits – we’re taught that we shouldn’t, and so we can’t do it even when we need to do it. It’s not good (but her post really is!).

The Dildorks – Episode 159: Chesterday’s News

In this episode the Dildorks talk about Bex’s upcoming top surgery and everything he’s been doing to prepare for it. It was an utterly fascinating episode, and I learned a lot. His top surgery has since taken place, and he and Kate talk about it in this podcast episode – and yes, there have been thirst-trap-y photos on Twitter.

Girl on the Net – Friendly fuck: Saturday night sleepovers

Ok, yes, I love all of GOTN’s writing, but this one really spoke to me. In my opinion, fucking your friends is brilliant and this post captures some of the wonderful intimacy and seriously  hot moments – especially with the line “perhaps she’ll be the one needing lube, and she’ll click her fingers because her mouth’s too full of cock”.

The Other Livvy – The Devil is in the Detail

Ahh, this one is so hot and pushes so many of my buttons. The sentence “I can’t stop thinking about my husband sucking someone’s cock.” might be one of the hottest things Livvy has ever penned, and this fantasy is fucking incredible. It’s vivid and explicit and y’all should go read it.

Molly’s Daily Kiss – Stepping Out

I’m a words girl and rarely share photos, but this one is fucking incredible. Molly is literally breathtaking in this photo – she looks so powerful and alive. The sky is so striking, and Molly has managed to capture so much tension and energy in this photograph and it’s beautiful.

Love, Violet – Rejecting Masturbation Shame. Again.

I love posts that make me consider shit I hadn’t thought about – and I admit that I hadn’t thought about the issues with masturbation becoming so entwined with both body positivity and self-love. Capitalism has capitalised on these ideas, and it means we’re instead putting shame on folks – especially women – who don’t want to masturbate.

The Smutlancer – Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

As someone who has been having many imposter syndrome feels recently, this was a brilliant episode. Kayla and Molly make a fabulous team, and it was really helpful to listen to them talk about their experiences with imposter syndrome and their tips for dealing with it.

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