Hurt should come from consensual spanking, not my silly words

This isn’t the filthy story of pirate sex, and even though it’s tagged as filthy poetry I’m not sure its very sexy. I wanted to write some delightfully hot words, but there were others I wanted to say first. These words are I’m sorry and you’re brilliant and I’d like to kiss you, and never one to be concise, I wrote a poem to say them.

I truly think you are brilliant
Thus, I’m not quite sure how
When I tried to tell you this
My words all fell apart.

They were clumsy, awkward, hurtful
I can only apologise
And wish that I could really show you
The you seen through my eyes.

I know it’s not the first time
I’ve screwed up; made you feel worse
I hate myself because I like you
And wanted to do the reverse.

You’re funny, clever, a great friend
Surely you know that’s true?
Brilliant writer, kind, gorgeous as fuck,
And I’d really like to kiss you.

I hope you’ll let us move on,
Maybe even forgive me,
And let me – just maybe – have the chance
To hurt you consensually.

I’d kiss you until you’re breathless,
And leave you wanting more
Maybe kiss down from your lips,
Beyond the necklace dinosaur.

I want to play with your nipples
Pinching, twisting; maybe biting
Your soft boobs and pretty nipples
Is so fucking inviting.

You always say that subs know
What subs need, and I do
Think I could say all the right
Dirty, filthy words to you.

Don’t roll your eyes at me,
I’d really mean them too,
Don’t doubt, little girl, that I could
Do deliciously mean things to you.

Orgasm denial, forced orgasms,
Spankings over my knee,
I’d love to think you’d like to be
Such a good girl for me.

You’d fuck yourself with dildos
Just because I asked you to
And you’d beg for my sparkly cock
Desperate for me to fuck you.

There’s other things we’d play with too
That I won’t list here,
I’ll spare your blushes and embarrassment,
Just whisper them in your ear.

If I wanted to hurt you this week,
It was with a red arse and spanks for your birthday,
Not upset you with my words
Princess-girl, I’m truly sorry.

Image sourced through Pixabay.


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