Tits and headstones

Deep breath… today I’m being brave. In fact, I’ve already been brave, but somehow this bit – sharing the photo – seems scarier than my earlier adventure to a dark graveyard. Riskier, one might even say, which fits in well with the current Kink of the Week’s kink…

I admit, this is a borrowed kink. If not for the wonderful Molly Moore, I’d never have considered sex in graveyards. I could think of a hundred filthy stories to write for the risky sex Kink of the Week prompt, but what I really wanted to do something that really felt risky. And tonight’s adventure did; it felt dirty and good. My ever-filthy imagination provided consensual non-consent fantasies as I picked my way among the gravestones, looking for the best place to get my tits out. The picture I managed to take is grainy and dark, but I feel it well captures the thrill I felt at the exhibitionist exploit and my own bravery.

Does this in itself count as risky sex? Or would it only be risky sex if after taking the photos I sat down, leaning against the headstone with my nipples hard from pressing them against the cold stone, and let my fingers slip between my legs to feel my own wetness. I won’t confirm or deny whether I sat against a grave and wanked, delighted by my own dirty mind: I’ll leave that one up to you to decide.

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  1. The graininess makes it look like an old B horror movie. I like it!

  2. I love the dark graininess of your picture and it is a great image -very sexy. What you have written about how you felt when you were taking it and the fact that you had to really push yourself really adds to it too as it gives a real insight into the thrill of doing something you shouldn’t.

  3. Wow! This is a great image!

  4. Really like this Quinn – love that you did it too and I expect Mary and Audrey would have had a giggle about it 😉

  5. I love the narrative of this image, I bet Mary never envisioned such a wonderful and beautiful dance near her!

  6. Oh I really hope you did… I have in the past but not written about that yet…. or posted the pictures 😉


  7. Oh the grainy image is right, so very right for the subject matter. The accompanying text and all the thoughts and feelings behind it are also sexy AF – I’m going to imagine you did have a wank there in the graveyard, and I am hoping very hard that there is a filth fuelled story cooking in your creative mind!
    P.S. I have serious boob envy whenever I see your lovely pert bust!

  8. I always love to see your image, sex blogger, but more so the creativity you put in your work. And, you do know how your words co excite me.

  9. Every fall I think about getting my kit off and my goth on and fucking in a graveyard. I have yet to do anything at all kinky in a graveyard but I think about it a lot, especially as things get darker and more sinister nearer Halloween. Well done, you!

  10. A wonderful image, very hot indeed. I too have some for graveyards, but haven’t done this…yet xx

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