An afab person is lying over her partner's lap, wearing blue panties and with her ass cheeks turned red from spanking. Photo.

I love it when I can take enough pain to leave me with marks – even if they’re just fast-fading pink arse cheeks after a spanking. When my partner told me that this particular sofa spanking had left me with such marks, I quickly asked them to snap a photo for me.Read More →

Dungarees are pulled aside to expose a nipple with a temporary piercing on it. Photo.

I’m not ready to write about the shit show of the last week, but two days of looking at a blank screen have shown me that I’m not quite ready to jump back into my regularly scheduled straight-up-filth either. So, as a happy and/or horny medium, I have a photo that captures feeling vulnerable – both in a sexy way, and in a less fun, ‘this shit is hard but worth it’ way.Read More →