A topless woman is sitting between two tree branches, holding a book up over her face. Photo.

I thought last week was awful and then I hit this week. Even with aggressive self-care, my depression has left me physically exhausted and emotionally drained. My plan for dealing with this was – obviously – to get topless and sit in a tree to read for a bit.Read More →

An old style photo of a woman's dress pulled down to expose her tits. Photo.

Libraries are sacred places to me – they always have been. But their sacredness makes any potential sex that might happen in them even hotter – it’s illicit because it’s forbidden. If you’re in a library, you shouldn’t be fucking. You shouldn’t jerk off while muffling your moans by biting down on your first. You shouldn’t spread your legs and try to pretend you’re reading the book in front of you while someone pushes their fingers inside you. You shouldn’t get down on your knees so you can choke on cock.Read More →

A woman wearing boxers lies back on a bed. Photo.

I love wearing boxers. I own a couple of pairs myself, and am always delightfully aware of my body when I slip them on before pulling on jeans. Boxers make me feel sexy and powerful in a way that the underwear I wear every day doesn’t, and I love the thrill it gives me. They allow me to fuck with gender and societal expectations in a way that I get off on, as well just making me hot because they make me think about sex all. day. long. But there’s something even dirtier (and thus delicious) about wearing my fuck buddy’s boxers.Read More →

Nails dig into the left butt-cheek and pulls them apart to show a bruise on their bottom. Photo.

Earlier this week, my fuck-buddy was delightfully sadistic and (consensually) hurt me a lot. He was almost scarily dominant and he hit me hard and repeatedly. He left me with an tender arse that reminded me of him with every single step I took the next day and – when I looked in the mirror that evening – a hard-earned bruise. My first ever bruise from impact play.Read More →