Erotic review: Queen Bee

I was delighted that Hot Octopus agreed to send me their Queen Bee (with PulsePlate Technology™!) to review. I had a chance to see their next-generation clitoral stimulator – and hear brilliant things about it – at Eroticon in March, and I was really excited to get my hands on my own Queen Bee. It definitely lived up to my expectations.


I’m not sure I can give a better summary of my experience with the Queen Bee than saying that it has taken me far longer than it should have to write this review because I kept stopping to masturbate with it.

The Queen Bee which, in Hot Octopuss’ own words, “uses a ‘piston’-type mechanism in order to generate extremely deep and rumbly oscillations” was really fun to play with, and while the anti-depressants I take means I sometimes struggle with orgasms, I have managed to come while wanking with it. As the technology is innovative in its use in sex toys, many other bloggers have written excellent reviews of the toy.

Coffee And Kink talks gives a five star ratings to different aspects of this “Marmite of sex toys”. Emmeline Peaches discusses in detail how the Queen Bee is made of a vulva-safe TPE rather than silicone. Violet Fawkes notes that while the toy isn’t the bee’s knees for her, she can see how it works for other people. Scandarella gives a balanced review of this powerful toy, and mentions how its use needn’t be limited to vulva-owners.

What I’ve done, therefore, is written some erotica in my usual style centred around the use of the Queen Bee. I hope the smut will show some of my favourite features of the toy, and Hot Octopuss will excuse this less traditional style of review.


Because my girlfriend is a dominant sadist, she told me that while I could edge with my new toy as much as I wanted to when she was away, I wasn’t allowed to come.

I think she’d probably have put me on denial anyway, because we both like it when she controls my orgasms when she’s away for work so we don’t get to fuck every couple of days, but I could clearly read her glee when she replied to my text. If your Queen Bee has arrived, why don’t you edge with that all week for me? I want you desperate and squirmy when I get back. As I’ve learned that arguing with her ends up with me bent over while she does mean things with stingy cane, I bit my tongue and typed back that I would do so – though I had a feeling she’d make me desperate and squirmy regardless.

Playing with the Queen Bee was fun – and, if I was being completely honest, it was somewhat comforting to mess around with the vibrator without having the pressure of trying to orgasm. I could experiment with different positions and vibration patterns, and get used to how the wide head meant I couldn’t focus the vibrations directly on my clit so instead had to surrender to a more overwhelming full-cunt sensation. She called me one evening and describe how the oscillating technology felt against my cunt while I edged for her – I begged her to let me come.

“I love how the harder I push against it, the harder it seems to push back. Like, it adjusts to how much pressure my cunt is putting on it? It’s so fucking intense. I think it would be very, very easy to come… please can I have an orgasm?”

“That’s really cute, but no, you’re still not allowed to come.”

And, as they always did when I was wanking every day and not allowed to come, the fantasies I was jerking off to became more and more depraved. I didn’t mention that to her, and I was relieved that she didn’t ask.

The Queen Bee was charging, it’s little magnetic USB charging cord in place, when she arrived at my flat on Saturday morning. She didn’t comment on the toy, though I was sure she’d seen it – and past experience taught me that pointing it out would result in her “realising” that I must be a desperate little slut and she should fuck me straight away, in ways that would make me feel used and dirty. I keep my mouth shut until we had collapsed on my bed, both naked and full of blueberry pancakes.

“Tell me about what you’ve been getting off to – or rather, not getting off to – this week.”

She’d been teasing me while we cooked, and while it was impossible to ignore my needy cunt her question still took me by surprise. I almost answered her, then choked on the filthy words and rolled over to hide my face in the duvet. She laughed.

“What, you don’t want to tell me all of your filthy fantasies, little slut?” I shake my head. “I thought not. Lie flat on the bed please.”

I obeyed, spreading my legs and smiling adorably up at her. I try to pretend that I’m not blushing Unimpressed, she gave a few hard, quick smacks to my wet cunt.

“Turn over,” she ordered when I whined and squirmed. Her hands were rough, squeezing and pinching, and I wriggled until she administered a generous handful of spanks to my bare arse. She cuffed my ankles together – not so I can’t spread my legs a little, but just to restrict my movement a little more. I tried to turn around to see what she was getting when she moved away from the bed, but I couldn’t twist my body enough to look.

Then she was on the bed again, and she straddling my back. I pushed up against her, but I couldn’t shift her – I mean, I wouldn’t want to, but it’s hottest when I know I can’t get away from her, when I have to submit. To remind me who’s in charge, she pressed down firmly on my shoulders so my face was pushed into a pillow. She held me there for a few seconds before letting me push myself back up.

I could hear the grin in her voice when she told me to behave, slut. I moaned and bucked my hips when I heard the loud (really, really loud) rumble of the Queen Bee. Her weight felt good on my back, holding me in place and making me feel safe, and I tensed expectantly for the vibrations against my eager cunt.

Instead, my girlfriend slid my open laptop in front of me.

“Bring up your browser history for this week.”

I blushed and shook my head, but she pulled my hair sharply and worked the Queen Bee between my legs so it sat deliciously against my cunt.

“I want to know what you masturbated over while I was away, believing that you were safe because I’d never know how dirty your thoughts are. Show me.”

I typed in my password, and pulled up my search history. I wanted to hide my face again, but her hand is still in my hair, forcing me to keep my eyes on the screen.

“You really are a dirty girl – you’ve spent even longer touching yourself than I thought. Shall we work forwards or backwards, little slut? I’m going to see it all, either way.”

“I hate you,” I moaned, but she turned off the vibrator.

“I’ll use your new toy on you if you do what you’re told. If you don’t, I’ll turn it off. If I think you’re trying to hide things from me, I won’t let you come today. If you’re good – well, I might give you an orgasm.”

My mind runs through all the things I’ve jerked off over this week – orgasm control, chastity belts, knife play, and being taken out in public with my own dirty underwear in my mouth so I couldn’t talk unless she let me… It was so embarrassing, but I was desperate for an orgasm, and had been all week.

“Turn it back on, please. I’ll start by showing you the Tumblr gifs…”

She switched the Queen Bee on again, and the powerful rumble resumed against my cunt.

Thank you to Hot Octopuss for sending me this toy to review! Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you buy from them, I make a small commission. All opinions are, as ever, my own. All images are taken and owned by me, and may not to be reproduced without permission.

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