Female-presenting nipple

What the ever-loving-fuck is a female presenting nipple?

It has been a clusterfuck of a week, hasn’t it? I started the week by giving a presentation as my vanilla self about why paying for your porn is important, unaware of the shit storm about to hit us in the form of Tumblr banning adult content. I felt so brave, standing up there and talking about the UK age verification act and SESTA-FOSTA and why this censorship is dangerous.

Now I feel angry and tired and helpless.

I’m not going to give up, I’m not going to stop writing: my words are how I fight. And I’m an idealist, but right now – between depression and deadlines – I can’t work out what I can do to help. If anything. I can’t believe that this is the world we live in, where adult content is being banned on every website to “fight online sex trafficking” with the result of hurting queer folks, minority groups, and sex workers, while actual victims of sex trafficking still face persecution.

And seriously, what the fuck is a female presenting nipple?

Aside from my desire to make a statement about Tumblr’s ludicrous decisions, I’m joining in with Sinful Sunday because it’s week 400 and the wonderful Molly Moore wants to reach 40 links this week. I love Molly, I don’t think I say that enough, and this week you should check out the post I can see clearly now (the porn is gone) on her website. She helps and inspires me so much, and y’all should go vote for for her in the photography and sex categories of the UK Blog Awards.

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  1. Well said Quinn. I never went on Tumblr much but I can see how much it meant to so many people. These changes all very depressing.

  2. That is most certainly a nipple worthy of presenting 🙂

  3. Well said! I think my angry, ranty reply to your tweet shows I’m with you on this one. It feels utterly hopeless at times!

  4. Aww thanks my friend and the phrase ‘female presenting nipples’ makes me rage. What fucking bullshit os that? … Oh but you do have a very sexy female presenting nipple


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