To do: be used as her fucktoy

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Waking up this morning, the world seemed dull and dreary, and my unwritten to do list seemed ridiculously long. This erotica takes that as a starting point and plays with the idea that you are not defined by your productivity, but in a Dom/sub context, where you can be useful as a good little fucktoy for your girlfriend. I hope you like this smut – I definitely felt better after writing it.

Rain is lashing against the window, and I’ve given into the urge to curl up under the duvet, hugging a pillow and hiding from the world. My to-do list sits atop a pile of clean but unfolded laundry, mocking me with the neat list of tasks I’d written the previous evening, assuming I would wake up with energy to start working on it. Of course I hadn’t.

I don’t even stir when my girlfriend let herself into my flat, though I did spend a few moments being smug at us having exchanged keys a few weeks ago so I didn’t have to get up to let her in.

“Are you alive, darling?”

I make loud muffled noises into the pillow to guide her to the bedroom, and pout a little when she finds me and laughs at the heap of blankets.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m a useless piece of shit,” I tell her, gesturing vaguely towards the perfect to do list that is making me feel worthless because I haven’t managed to drag myself out of bed yet today. She doesn’t miss a beat.

“Capitalism is evil and makes you feel useless when you’re not working flat-out all the time. It’s a bank holiday Monday – everything can wait for a couple of hours at least.”

“You’ve been up since like six doing fabulous shit though,” I point out as I sit up, but stop protesting when I realise that she has stripped off while I was under the covers and is now fully naked.

“Your value is not in your productivity,” she says, in a more serious tone than her nakedness seems to suggest. “AndĀ  besides, there’s one very important task that you’ve left off your to do list.”

“Is there?”

She cups my cheek and kisses me gently, but when she pulls away she is wearing that evil, sadistic grin that makes me squirm. Suddenly I’m feeling a lot more awake.

“Yes. You’ve missed off ‘get fucked by my girlfriend’ – I want to use my little fucktoy. May I?”

I nod eagerly, leaning in for another kiss. Instead she slaps my face; my cunt is instantly wet.

“Present yourself for me, slut.”

I shove aside the duvet and scramble into position. Face pressed into the sheet, arms by my side, and arse pushed into the air so she can spank me or inspect my cunt. She runs a single finger down my spine and I shiver. I’m tensed for her hands all over me, but instead she steps away. I don’t peak, but I can hear a clunk and rustle that suggests she’s removing her belt from her jeans. I wiggle in anticipation, but am still when she turns back to me.

I braced for the swish of her belt and it’s biting sting against my arse. Instead she pulls my arms behind my back and wraps the belt around my wrists, pulling it through the buckle and tugging it tight. The bed dips as she climbs onto it behind me, and she holds the end of the belt in her hand like a leash. She presses against me and I feel the girth of her silicone dick pressed against my arse.

Fuck, she’s wearing her strap-on.

I hear the schloosh of lube and the slick of her hand against the dildo. I love it when she uses me like this: it feels deliciously helpless when my face rubs against the sheets as she mercilessly fucks my cunt. And as well as the belt around my wrists restraining me, she can use it to pull me back on to her cock. She can also spank my arse if she thinks I’m not working hard enough to please her. She’ll overwhelm me with hard thrusts and filthy words until I forget everything but my need to come around her strap-on.

“Ready, you dirty, little fucktoy?” she asks, but she doesn’t wait for an answer.

I groan as she pushes into my cunt, delighting in how it feels to be filled. My girlfriend is right: being used like this is only to do list task that matters on a bank holiday morning.


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