Yellow flowers and fingers in my cunt

A field of yellow flowers, with a hand emerging from it holding a pair of knickers. Photo.
Photo by Focused and Filthy, used with permission.

I wasn’t planning to stick to my regularly-scheduled filth this week but there’s something so delightfully playful about this photo, isn’t there? This one actually took me forever to finish, though, because I kept getting distracted by things that made me crave fingers in my cunt.

Content note for degradation play! This also includes orgasm denial – which hasn’t featured enough in my own sex life lately – and affiliate links.

“You wouldn’t have the guts to do that.”

“You wouldn’t be able to keep a poker face if I did! You’d be a fucking mess.”

Even as I taunt my girlfriend, I hope she’ll put me in my place for being so bratty. And it does feels like she’s not-so-subtly reminding me who’s in charge as she puts me on orgasm denial the next day. She ruthlessly makes me edge, refusing to give me what I want in a way that almost makes me regret provoking her.

What I want is her fingers (or her dick) in my cunt. What I get is her watching me desperately rub my clit, telling me to beg for permission to come and then laughing cruelly when she told me no. She takes sadistic pleasure in holding a vibrator against my clit until I’m squirming and incoherent, but pulling it away at the last second. She makes me hump pillows and her leather boots, and orders me to hold myself open so she can inspect me. She dips a clinically-gloved finger inside my cunt to assess my wetness with a detached expression, then pushes me to my knees to go down on her.

A week later, a single look from her will make my cunt drip. “Dirty little bitch,” she whispers and all I can think about is my aching cunt.

We’re due to go out with friends on Thursday evening, and I’m sure she’ll do her best to get me worked up before we leave. So I’m not surprised that she pounces on me as soon as I emerge from the shower, all wet hair and hunger for her fingers in my cunt. What I don’t expect is for her to do exactly what I dared her to do in the first place.

Our favourite sex toy – an evil little vibrator that sits in my cunt and buzzes on command from the remote in her hand – isn’t big. But it is big enough to make me gasp when she pushes it into me without any warning or preparation. It’s partly the cold lube, and it’s partly the realisation that she’s actually doing this. She’s making me do this.

“You ready for this?” she grins, but then clamps a hand over my mouth before I can reply. “No wait, you’re not only ready but you’re fucking desperate for it, dirty bitch. I’m going to tease you until you want to scream, then feign concern as I ask if you’re ok. You want me to push you further in front of our friends? I’m going to take you apart and remind you that you asked for it.”

She watches me dress, keeping up a stream of filth that has my nipples hard and every inch of my skin aching for her touch. I want her fingers in my cunt, of course, but I’d take anything right now. I want her to bite me and beat me and to drag her nails up my back. She doesn’t, just smiles sweetly and tells me to spread my legs.

“Aww, are you wet? I haven’t even turned it on yet. Filthy bitch.”

I want to burrow into her shoulder to hide my shame, but she stops me. It’s partly another way to torture me, but her voice is lower for her next question.


“So green.” My voice is breathless, and I repeat the words to ensure she’s heard me reaffirm consent.

“Filthy bitch,” she says again, and kisses me.

I blush and squirm my way through the sun-soaked picnic. Wearing the toy would have been exquisite torment even if she hadn’t been denying me all week, but it’s been days since I last had an orgasm and every subtle buzz threatens to make me come. She knows my body so well, and uses that knowledge to take me to the edge of an orgasm again and again. I do my best to cling to some semblance of control, my nails digging into my palm as I try to pay attention to our friends’ chatter.

Later, when we’re finally alone, she’s on top of me before I can speak. She presses me into the flower-covered bank, pinning my arms above me with one hand on my wrists. Her other hand holds the remote in front of my face. Smirking sadistically, she increases the intensity until my clit is throbbing and I can practically taste my orgasm. She’s going to let me come, she has to let me come… My cunt clenches and I close my eyes and –

The vibrations stop. She laughs at my desperate, undignified whine.

“Aww, did you think I was going to let you come? Desperate little bitch.”

I whine again, too desperate to protest as she rolls off me and spreads her legs.

“Make me come, you dirty bitch. Then I might let you beg for me to finger your cunt.”


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  1. Yowza. I love everything about this post—being a writing geek, I love the structure as much as the content. Thank you for writing it!

  2. Oh, such a tease!! I really thought an explosive orgasm was on the cards! Very sexy!!

  3. Having replied to the color question with that level of enthusiasm for green, I feel this one on a deep level. Also, as always, this was absolutely hot AF!

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