Sex toy review: Hot Octopuss AMO

A sleek black and red bullet vibrator with 'Hot Octopuss' written on the side lies on a red bedsheet. Photo.

I am a huge slut for a rumbly vibrator, so I was thrilled when Hot Octopuss agreed to send me the AMO. Described as a “bullet you won’t want to dodge”, I had a lot of fun testing out their newest bullet vibrator. Writing this review was really hard, but I think that’s because I wanted to really do the AMO justice.

Thank you to Hot Octopuss for sending me the AMO for free in exchange for my honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are very much my own. Affiliate links are used in this post.Ā 

Initial thoughts

Hot Octopuss always does fab when it comes to discrete shipping and minimal packaging, and the AMO is no different. It is advertised as having deep vibrations and “strategically placed curves that enable you to switch between pinpoint and all-encompassing vibrations”. On paper it sounds like my dream vibrator, so I was super excited to try it out. The AMO’s page on the Hot Octopuss website is also free of any heavily gendered descriptions, which is a definite positive in my view.

Looking closer

A sleek black and red bullet vibrator sits next to its purple packaging. PhotoWhile a vibrator doesn’t need to be pretty to be effective at getting you off, the AMO is sleek and stylish. I like the black and red aesthetic, and like all of Hot Octopuss’ toys its design is pleasingly geometric. The AMO is 9.5cm long, and it’s also pretty light – only 43g, easy to pop into a pocket of your handbag, just in case.

The AMOĀ is USB rechargeable and its charge lasts for around 40 minutes. The charging wire plugs in to the side of the AMO, above its on-off button. It takes two to three hours to charge fully, and I’d recommend you do recharge it fully every so often. As opposed to me, who will forget until the battery runs out while I’m wanking, leading to a cycle of charging for three minutes for the last thirty seconds of vibrations I need for an orgasm.

In use

A sleek black and red vibrator lying on a desk. Photo.I try to keep my expectations low when it comes to putting new sex toys on my junk, because I don’t always find it easy to come and often bullet vibes aren’t strong enough to get me off. I was surprised at how powerful the AMO is – in a very good way! Its vibrations start off gently, but build up to the powerful rumbling I need if I want to come while jerking off with a vibrator.

The AMO has six increasing levels of intensity and five different vibrating patterns: something my junk is really appreciating at the moment, when my arousal is largely responsive and I need to ease myself into masturbation with some lower settings. When I do get up to the higher settings, the design of the AMO really works for me. Its shaft widens at the top and offers either a gentle curve for broad vibrations or a more pinpoint tip for targeted stimulation. While it is overwhelming, all-over rumbling that gets me off in the end, being able to switch between jamming it against my cunt and teasing my clit with the tip to tamper that intensity is exactly what I like.

The AMO also much quieter than the other rumbly vibrators I’ve fallen in love with, which is another thing that means it’s great as a travel vibrator for hotel wanking. However it doesn’tĀ have a travel lock, which means that unless you run the battery down before putting it in your mini sex kit it may turn itself on while you’re on your way to your kink date.

I have to be honest: I’ve used it for edging a lot. The AMO isĀ perfect for getting me right to the edge and then leaving my cunt clenching – to the delight of the sadistic partner who has put me on orgasm denial. It leaves me squirmy in a way that is both frustrating and seriously hot. I can’t have instant orgasm or a five-minute-wank with the AMO – I need to warm up first, so I been using it for some long, luxurious wanks and edging sessions.

So if it’s not clear, I love the AMO’s rumbly power.

What I loveĀ less are the AMO’s buttons. They’re simple enough – one to turn the vibrator on or change the vibration pattern, two on the other side to move up and down through its intensity settings. However, despite frequent use in the last few weeks I can’t quite get used to how many seconds I need to hold down the power button to actually turn the toy on. Additionally, because I switch between the curved edge and pinpoint tip, I will often lose track of which side the ‘make this more powerful’ buttons are and end up pressing the wrong button at a crucial point mid-wank. This isn’t helped by the fact that they’re fairly small, which is aesthetically beautiful but makes them hard to locate, especially when the vibrator is slippery with lube.

Care and cleaning

A sleek black and red bullet vibrator with a charging wire plugged into it. Photo.Like Hot Octopuss’ other pocket-sized vibe, the AMO is made of body-safe silicone and hard ABS plastic. This means it’s perfect to use with a schloosh of water-based lube for added slippery fun.Ā The AMO is also 100% waterproof, which means not only that you can start your day with orgasms in the shower, but that it’s easy to clean with gentle soap and warm water. To sterilise the AMO – for example if you’re using it with multiple partners – you can soak it in a 10% bleach solution for ten minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Overall impression

A sleek red and black bullet vibrator lies on its side. Photo.The Hot Octopuss AMO bullet vibrator is sleek and sexy in appearance and powerful and rumbly in vibrations. And it gets me off. While the aim of sex or masturbation isn’t always to have an orgasm, I love it when I find a new toy that makes me come. I’d recommend the AMO to anyone who likes a moderately powerful rumbly vibration – whether it’s broad rumbles on your junk or more targeted vibrations on your clit or frenulum, and especially if you like switching between both. It’s also perfect if you need a smaller-yet-rumbling vibe for a travel sex kit or to use between bodies while you’re having partnered sex.

Thank you again to Hot Octopus for sending me the AMO to review! If you want to get your hands on this powerful bullet vibe, you can grab it here for just Ā£49.Ā 

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