Happy Nude Year from my butt in candy cane boxers

A woman grabs her arse in front of a Christmas tree, with candy cane boxers pushed down just below her butt cheeks. Photo.

Ok, technically they’re my fuck buddy’s candy cane boxers, but they were given to me for pervy, rubbing-all-over-my face reasons so I’m claiming them as temporarily mine. They’re Christmassy and they smell like his junk, I’m definitely going to spend much of today burying my face in them and breathing in deeply.

My fuck buddy gets credit for this photo as well as my last orgasm in 2019.

It’s a week since I shared my enboifriend’s arse, and I felt I needed a companion photo to wish you all a fabulous, filthy 2020. I have been wearing a lot of boxers lately, and I think they look especially good when they’re pulled down to just below my butt cheeks. It’s a view of my arse that feels playful and dirty, because I’m exposed just enough to be fucked.

And yes, I do know that sniffing my fuck buddy’s boxers – and probably wanking with them over my face later – makes me a perv. I’m ok with that. We had exceptional year-straddling sex last night and I will happily replay our fucking with my hand down my candy cane boxers later. After all, 1st January is a day for masturbating, right?

Happy Nude Year, everyone.

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  1. Love the picture, the hands on your butt and the pulled down boxers. They look good on you like this 😉

  2. Oh taking a lovers clothes and using them as wank fodder later is so damn hot. I have a t-shirt I am currently treasuring although time is not being kind to the scent


  3. this is a really fun pic and as a smell-sexual myself, I totally get the pervy undies on the face thing. Unf. Great post!

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