Dungarees are pulled aside to expose a nipple with a temporary piercing on it. Photo.

I’m not ready to write about the shit show of the last week, but two days of looking at a blank screen have shown me that I’m not quite ready to jump back into my regularly scheduled straight-up-filth either. So, as a happy and/or horny medium, I have a photo that captures feeling vulnerable – both in a sexy way, and in a less fun, ‘this shit is hard but worth it’ way.Read More →

Spread legs reveal pubes, a pink cunt, and a green sparkly butt plug. There is lube-y mess everywhere. Photo.

I love how I can make you hard. It’s a playful kind of power, one I yield with enthusiasm and an innocent smile that doesn’t fool anyone who knows how filthy I really am. But when I’m trying to make you hard – with words and photos and teases –  I often feel compelled to hide the fact that sex can be messy.Read More →

A black and white image of a girl in boxers sticking her middle finger up to the camera. Photo.

Earlier this week, UK-based sex toy brand Hot Octopuss launched their new anti-sex stigma campaign – Show Stigma the Finger. There is still so much taboo around sex and sexuality, and Hot Octopuss are doing some fabulous work to combat those stigmas and stereotypes. Today I’m joining in with their Show Stigma the Finger campaign, and am not-so-nicely telling heteronormativity to fuck off.Read More →

Woman in red knickers has her hands cuffed behind her in red cuffs with the words 'sex nerd' on them. Her fists are clenched. Photo.

Hi, hello, I’m a sex nerd – to the extent that it’s written on my gorgeous new leather cuffs! When brainstorming what I wanted to have on these specially commissioned cuffs, I couldn’t think of a better way to describe myself than a sex nerd… and in fact I didn’t think of it – my partner did.Read More →