Tonight I feel sexy in tights

A woman lies on her back on the sofa, wearing stripy black and grey tights. Photo.

Are tights sexy? I think anything can be sexy if it makes you feel sexy, and today these tights make me feel extremely powerful. They might by knitted and stripy but when I wear them I feel strong and a little bit like a witch. And that is definitely sexy.

While previously I’ve defined ‘lingerie’ as any underwear that I feel hot in, today I’m challenging my own definitions of lingerie by sharing my tights with you all. I think that’s the point of Lingerie is for Everyone – to challenge societal norms around what we think of as traditional sexy underwear. I can do that in boxers, of course, but I think I can also do it in tights.

Clothes are important to me – in a way my internalised misogyny never thought they would be. It’s important that I look in the mirror and feel like me. I am still finding the balance between butch and femme as I try to show the world who I am through how I dress. If I feel like myself in what I’m wearing, I feel more confident, more queer, more capable of kicking ass and changing the world.

Because I feel like me in tights, I feel sexy.

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2020 is the year of shameless self-promotion so if you think I look sexy in tights why not buy me a coffee?

I'm a pain slut with a low pain tolerance
Morning fucks and a shirt that smells of sweat and sex


  1. You are sexy. To me also a,lot of my attraction is confident. If she is confident regardless of clothes she is sxy.

  2. Tights are definitely sexy. Anything you wear that makes you feel sexy and confident is automatically, ipso facto, sexy. And you are wearing these wonderfully! (And yes, witches are totally sexy!! ;))

  3. 100% – when I get round to it, there will most def be pics of me in my OH’s boxers!

    I think you look very sexy in those tight – more please x

  4. YES! You have encapsulated the spirit of LiFE here. The article of clothing isn’t the focus, it’s what it makes you feel, how it challenges you or how it sparks dialogue about the complexities of lingerie as a concept. Thank you for your positivity and support of LiFE – I hope you keep coming out to share your thoughts and feels on lingerie and its role in your life. xo

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