Blogger positivity: March’s shit

My aim in publishing a monthly #ShareOurShitSaturday post was to maintain some regularity in sharing my fellow sex bloggers’ wonderful work while also giving me a few weeks to gather together some of my favourite posts so I’m not scrabbling around trying to remember what I’ve read at the last minute. This month I was much less prepared, but nevertheless, are y’all ready for some of March’s sex-positive shit?

I’m posting this in the right month this time, and so can just about pretend that a whole three months of 2019 haven’t already slipped by with alarming speed. Please go and give these wonderful bloggers some click-y love.

Kayla Lords – The Family You’re Given and the Family You Make

It took me a while to read this post, because it hit too close to my own ‘fuck have I been discovered again?’ anxiety when Kayla first posted it. I cried through the first few paragraphs then, and later, when I could read it properly,  my heart fucking broke. I’m not going to try and summarise what is written about here, but Kayla tackles shame and found family and has written an incredibly moving and emotional blog post. I want to send her all the hugs.

Cara Thereon – I can’t be his

Cara’s darker writing is possibly my favourite of her work, and this piece is breathtakingly twisted. I never thought ‘murder’ would be a tag I seek out when it comes to the erotica I read, but Cara is such a brilliant and skilful writer that she pulls me in every time. It’s an incredibly hot story and exactly the kind of depraved, raw smut I love. What do you mean, it wasn’t written in March?

Lessons in Kate – A girl (and a boy) on a bench

Mmmff. I love Hannah’s erotica, especially when it involves spanking and dirty words and a little pinch of humiliation. This is a short story but a delightfully hot one that taps into several of my own kinks. And as always, while reading Hannah’s work, it feels like you’re reading gorgeous, decadent poetry in which you can almost taste the filth.

Desi Vibes – Exploring Feminism Part 1: Whiteness and White Privilege

I have to admit that this wasn’t the easiest post to read – but it was hard in a way that let me know that I absolutely should read. That is, of course, a reflection on the my own guilt and white privilege, rather than a comment on Irene’s beautiful writing. I’m really glad that she’s written such a cleverly constructed essay, and you should go look at part two as well.

Girly Juice – How I Became a Full-Time Sex Writer

In the #SmutlancerSpotlight this month is this wonderful post by Kate Sloan to celebrate the seventh birthday of her blog. I’m incredibly inspired by so much of Kate’s work, and I loved her exploration of the events in her life that have brought her to her full-time sex writing life in 2019. She’s definitely one of the sex bloggers I want to be when I ‘grow up’.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting these posts! All of them are great and not all did I have on my list to read or read yet! So thanks!

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