Forced orgasms: she’s in a difficult position

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After a ridiculous-yet-wonderful series of adventures in London, I returned home earlier today horny and with an aching cunt. I always miss my Doxy when I travel, and I spent a significant portion of the afternoon catching up on all the wanking I’d missed over the weekend. Even two orgasms down, however, my cunt isn’t satisfied. This means that today’s smut features forced orgasms (plus a splash of exhibitionism) and may have been written while I was astride my Ruby Glow.

Telling your girlfriend about the new kinky idea that you’ve been thinking about can be a mistake, because she has a habit of twisting your ideas into far more sadistic ones. I usually remember this after I’ve just made a confession of this nature. I see the evil gleam in her eyes and wonder if I’ve made a mistake.

Though, in my defence, admitting that I wanted to learn how to make myself come in more than one position didn’t seem like it could get me into that much trouble.

I realise how wrong I am after she has me tied up and unable to escape. There are cuffs on my ankles, fastened to the headboard behind me in such a way that my legs are kept open and in the air. It’s a favourite position of her to put me in, because I’m exposed and vulnerable but my hands are free to do whatever she tells me to –

“Touch yourself for me.”

– like masturbate while she watches and enjoys the fact that I’m uncomfortable. There is something embarrassing about being naked when she’s still fully dressed, and she exploits this frequently because it is also incredibly hot. I stroke my labia and rub my clit, defiantly meeting her gaze. She stares hungrily back, and I shiver with anticipation. My cunt is wet and I am certain that soon she’ll get out her strap-on and fuck me deliciously hard until my legs ache.

Of course, I’m wrong. She doesn’t move, just sits there watching my fingers play with my cunt and telling me to keep going whenever they began to slow. My body is tense with pleasure and my cunt is desperate for more than just my fingers. I want her to fuck my cunt and then make me lick my own juices off the dildo that had just been inside me. She makes me do something else instead.

“Remember how you told me that you can only make yourself come when you’re lying on your front? And you do look very cute like that, but I like seeing your face when you come. And I like you like this, all spread and open for me. I want to watch you come for me.”

I smile up at her, hoping this means she’ll come closer and use her fingers inside me so I can clench around them when I come. Instead she hops off the bed and hands me our wand vibrator before resuming her original position.

“I want to show you that you can absolutely make yourself come – even in a difficult position – if I’ve told you to. Go on, I’m going to watch.”

She laughs at my gaping mouth, and instructs me in a gleeful voice to turn on the vibrator and press it against my cunt. Something about doing this while she’s watching, while she’s ordering me to come, makes it easier to come even though I’m lying on my back. It helped that I couldn’t squirm away from the vibrations because I’m tied up. I groaned loudly as I came.

“Was that fun?” she asks, and I nod blissfully.

“Good. It’s my go now.”

She settles herself between my legs, grinning at the look of panic on my face. She picks the wand up, turning it back on and turning it up to the next intensity setting. She presses it against my cunt. So soon after an orgasm, the rumbling vibrations are almost overwhelming. I struggle against the restraints keeping me and place, and I try to push her away. I whine as she finds the right place with the wand’s head – except that I’ve just come and everything is too sensitive and my body is screaming at me to get her to stop.

“You see, yes I want you to be able to come in any position you want to. But I also want you to know that you only get to come when I say so. I think some forced orgasms will drive that message home nicely. And I want to watch you come again, right now, when you can’t hide your face from me.”

“Fuck you.”

“That’s what I am doing.”

“No,” I’m panting now, as my cunt clenches painfully as I approach the edge of another orgasm, far too quickly. “Just – fuck you.”

“Swearing isn’t your safe-word. In fact, it’s probably going to make me want to keep going until you fucking scream.”

The second time I come, almost as soon as she says those words, it feels like my orgasm is being ripped from me. I’m left shaking. To be especially cruel, she pulls the wand away for the few post-orgasm seconds when it would feel good against my cunt. When that moment has passed – and she has made a study out of my orgasms and so knows exactly when it has – she pushes the toy against my cunt again.

She also turns it up.

I love the way she is in complete control, still wearing her jeans as she makes me come again and again until my cunt aches and every rumble of the wand feels like torture. She presses down on my pubic mound to keep me in place so she can force orgasm after orgasm out of me. And each time she turns the vibrator up, and each time I start to beg only for my words to be swallowed by incoherent groans and whines.

By the time she stops, I’m breathless. After four forced orgasms I don’t even have the strength to struggle any more. She unties my legs and holds me gently, stroking my hair until I start to swear at her again. Then she reminds me that I did want to learn how to make myself come in more positions, and that I love orgasm control and being forced to put on a show for her.

She was only doing what any good dominant would do.


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  1. Oh that’s good. Wide open and helpless. I love the idea that she wants to expose your face when you come more than your cunt. An extra vulnerability.

  2. excellent! I was so caught up in that story I got exhausted reading it. Thank you.

  3. Ha! Oh yes, a clear case of “be careful what you ask for” — which usually ends up being a marvelously kinky good time.

  4. A definite one for the “Be careful what you wish for! lists… I love how it progressed from “here do it for yourself to let me take them from you now…”

    Thanks for this story!

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