Fuck positive things I wish I could afford right now

A handwritten note with a butt plug sticker and a magic wand vibrator enamel pin sitting on it. Photo.

The middle of a pandemic if a particularly important time to support smaller businesses and independent creators. As a broke sex blogger, there are a lot of fuck positive things that I can’t afford right now – but I can shout out the projects and pretty things I’d give money to if I could.

This blog post contains some affiliate links. 

Similar to my Share Our Shit Saturday posts where I shout out the sex-positive shit that other sex bloggers have created, I’ve made a list of some of the pretty fuck positive things I wish I could buy and important projects I want to support.

Molly Woodstock is creating the Gender Reveal podcast, which I’m really loving right now as I explore my baby trans feels. They’ve also turned the Gender Reveal Spring Grant into a mutual aid fund, and they’ve sent more than $23,000 to trans folks trying to survive.

Mimi Butlin has designed a totally awesome ‘Disabled Looks Like Me’ t-shirt. She makes art to amplify the experiences of many sick and disabled women and has teamed up with Charity Leonard Cheshire to breakdown the stereotypes of what disability looks like.

The Vagina Museum are doing an emergency fundraiser to help them stay open post-COVID lockdown. Donating to their fundraiser can get you a FU-terus sticker or an exclusive Vagina Museum enamel pin in mustard, rainbow or trans pride flag.

Charlotte Willcox and Hazel Mead are amazing illustrators and I absolutely love all of their sex positive artwork. Their prints feature women of all shapes and colours and celebrate period positivity and things you don’t see in mainstream porn. Speaking of which…

Crash Pad Series are making queer, kinky porn. Social distancing means there’s been a distinct increase in all the wanking from home I’ve been doing, and watching inclusive, independent porn is a big part of how I’m mixing up my masturbation.

And because the magic wand pin I bought from her last year is in the image I’ve used for this post, I also want to shout out Frankie Hanki. I wish I was brave enough to put her cute butt plug sticker on my laptop.

If you have any money to spare, please consider buying some of these fabulous fuck-positive things or supporting these sex-positive projects. For a totally free way to support me, come follow me on Twitter or Instagram where I share all sorts of pervy thoughts about how good the crotch of my knickers smell. 

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