Is that a magic wand or a microphone?

Today I have a tiny magic wand pinned to my jumper. It’s an adorable enamel pin badge that makes me grin in sinful glee – there is something exciting and a little bit transgressive about wearing a sex toy pin like this in public.

In April, Franki Hanke ran a kickstarter campaign – ‘Sassy, Sexy, Self-Loving‘ – to make sex toy stickers and enamel pins. I am a big fan of using pin badges to subtly flag as a queer, kinky, sex-positive feminist while in public, and I couldn’t resist pledging to get a tiny turquoise magic wand.

It arrived yesterday, so once again I’m sharing my excitement at opening another sexy package with you all. I pinned it on to my dungarees as soon as I unwrapped it yesterday, but I paused before transferring it to today’s outfit this morning. Even though it’s only 1.25 inches tall, I feel that the pin is identifiable as a sex toy, and that made me nervous – just for a minute.

So if anyone asks me what it is and I don’t feel safe to be honest, I’m wearing a microphone pin – for speaking out! – rather than a magic wand. Though generally when I have a microphone in front of me I’m speaking about feminism, sex positivity or queer inclusion… so maybe the magic wand outs me as a proud pervert either way. I think I’m ok with that, actually.

Turquoise magic wand sex toy pin on a blue jumper. Photo.


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  1. That is sooooo cute! Wear it with pride -and shouting out is a good thing. Who hasn’t used a wand to sing into anyways?

  2. Great idea! I collect pins from national parks and other interesting places I go to run.

  3. I LOVE it. What a fabulous pin and I am sure you cover story will work perfectly because those who know won’t care and those who don’t know will believe it is mic


  4. I looooooove this pin! And I love that you have the story already lined up when you don’t feel safe saying what it really is.

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