A woman, with her face mostly out of view, sucks a large blue and green sparkly dildo. Photo.

I am ambitious. I wake up every morning with a thousand things I want to do, and a hunger to change the world. I am constantly inspired to write, clinging to the fragile hope that my words can make a difference. I always have more ideas, want to do more, and constantly pushing myself to create all the things I can see when I close my eyes, challenging myself to be a better person.Read More →

A blue top is pulled up to show tits with come on them. Photo.

A few weeks ago, I ended up having some incredible sex – specifically giving my fuck-buddy a spontaneous suck job in a bathroom that ended with come all over my tits. We fucked a lot over the three days we were together, but we both agreed that this was our favourite fuck. It was fun and impulsive, and entirely unexpected because we’d actually gone into the bathroom to indulge in a very different kink… but it felt very natural to take his cock in my mouth.Read More →

Up-skirt view of my cunt. Photo.

I like adventures without knickers. Last weekend I took a flight to see my play partners, and – because it was a beautifully warm day, and because I am somewhat a kinky slut who likes a little hedonism – I didn’t wear knickers.Read More →

Tits peaking out from a pulled up shirt. Photo.

The last week has been a hard one, but right now I feel good. I’ve spent the afternoon curled up between two of my favourite cute humans watching a film that is full of double entendres. I feel calm and relaxed, and I hope the photo I have for you today reflects that. Today you simply get tits.Read More →