I am ambitious. I wake up every morning with a thousand things I want to do, and a hunger to change the world. I am constantly inspired to write, clinging to the fragile hope that my words can make a difference. I always have more ideas, want to do more, and constantly pushing myself to create all the things I can see when I close my eyes, challenging myself to be a better person.

Sometimes my ambition drives me to choices that are extremely detrimental to my mental health. Sometimes it leads me to situations where I get to sit at my desk and suck off a sparkly dildo.

Earlier this week, I shared my review-with-a-twist of the Godemiche Adam dildo and OffBeat masturbator. You should check it out, because I managed to capture the sheer joy I took in playing with these beautiful, body-safe toys. While I reviewed it as a tool I could use to potentially improve my hand-sex stamina, I would not have considered it a thorough review had I not tried putting the glorious sparkly dildo in my mouth.

I will admit that attempting to take all of the silicone cock in my mouth was an ambitious challenge, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t one that brought me a great deal of pleasure.

A woman, with her face mostly out of view, sucks a large blue and green sparkly dildo. Photo.


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  1. Such an interesting shot, erotic. Many things to look at that are arousing, Quinn.

  2. I am very impressed . . . they do have a big head don’t they!
    Clever edit and wonderful photo !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. That definitely looks a mouthful. Excellent dedication to your calling. I love the contrast in yellows and the stark green/blue of the dildo.

  4. I love the edit, and the colors in the image. This makes me want to try the Adam too 😉

    Rebel xox

  5. It looks like you are coping with the Adam very well 😉


  6. Great shot, I love the edit and you’ve reminded me to check out Godemiche!

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