Audio porn smut: filthy stories in her ears on her commute

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I fucking love audio porn. Listening to filthy sex stories read aloud was how I learned to make myself come. I would lie on my front and bury my face in the pillow, letting the hotness of the words burn through me as I desperately ground my clit into a vibrator. I still use audio porn if I’m struggling to come, because hot words are the fastest way for me to reach orgasm. I’m also into the idea that you can enjoy erotic audio stories anywhere, without anyone knowing what you’re listening to, which is what inspired this smut.

This post is sponsored by Sofia Sins, a newly launched audio porn platform from Sofia Grey. The following filth comes with a content warning for humiliation and impact play.

Emma is hot and horny and her clit is hard, but her girlfriend is a forty minute tube ride away. Her girlfriend, who knew exactly what she was doing when she sent Emma those photos right before she went into her presentation. Her girlfriend, whose bratty behaviour is just begging Emma to fuck her hard and put her in her place.

She’s going to take great pleasure in doing so.

She slips the headphones on as she leaves the office, opening the app as she walks briskly towards the tube. Emma knows she should lean into the dominance of making her girlfriend wait, but right now her evening commute feels far too long. All she wants to do is push Charlie to her knees and remind her who’s in charge. She imagines curling her hand around her strap on and jerking it off right in front of her girlfriend’s face, taunting Charlie by not letting her taste her.

She’s definitely going to use the strap-on, coupled with a thick, sparkly dildo that feels right between her legs in a way a factory-installed dick never did. Charlie’s messages throughout the day have made it clear that she wants it fast and rough tonight. She’s been goading Emma with teasing texts about how wet she is, how much she needs Emma’s fingers inside her. She also sent Emma links to the erotic audio stories she’s been edging herself to, her fingers slippery on her clit.

Emma presses play on the first of these as she queues at the ticket barrier. If she didn’t already know what kind of sex Charlie’s craving, the filth spilling into her ears would confirm it. She imagines Charlie listening to it lying on their bed, thinking Emma fucking her in the way the story describes. It’s about a submissive being fucked with toys that are bigger than they think they can take. Emma makes a mental note to talk about her girlfriend’s fuck holes when makes her hold herself open later.

Despite the hot words in her ears, Emma keeps a straight face as she waits on the platform. Her poker face is an asset when it comes to fucking Charlie in places they really shouldn’t fuck. Like in a packed tube carriage, when everyone’s bodies were pushed together and no one noticed Emma’s hand sliding underneath her girlfriend’s skirt. It was so fun to maintain a look of disinterest while Charlie did her best to hold herself together. Charlie had ground down into her palm while Emma worked her fingers against the front wall of Charlie’s cunt.

It had been tempting to make her come right there, but it was more fun to take her to the edge and stop. Emma smiles at the memory of her squirming, pouting girlfriend as she steps onto the tube. Judging by the theme of the second audio porn story, Charlie is in the mood for some similar teasing tonight. Emma imagines teasing her with the her dildo against the entrance to her cunt. After Charlie provoking her all day when Emma was trying to work, it’s only fair that she returns the favour.

She’s going to remind her girlfriend that her pleasure is entirely at Emma’s discretion – to be given or taken away as she sees fit. If Charlie wants to come tonight, she’s going to have to work for it.

She texts Charlie when she changes trains, weaving around other commuters with the single-minded focus of wanting to get home. You’ve made me so hot, little slut. I hope you’re ready for me to take it out on your ass. The next audio porn clip Charlie sent her is about spanking. She imagines ordering her to bend over the back of their rickety sofa, letting her anticipation grow as she hears the sound of Emma undoing her belt. It’s far too long since she’s used her belt to beat her with. She wants to turn Charlie’s ass red and then drag her nails down it, revelling in her girlfriend’s whimpers.

The erotic audio stories don’t only provide a cheat sheet into how her girlfriend wants to get fucked. They help Emma stay worked up, ready to order Charlie to strip as soon as she steps into the flat. She likes to feed her horniness, not letting her hunger for a dominant, sadistic fuck fade over her commute home. She wants to hold on to this place, where each hot idea makes her breath catch in her throat. Where every part of her body seems to throb with toe-curling arousal.

Luckily, compared to her girlfriend’s blushes, Emma’s dark skin makes her own flushed, full-body arousal much less obvious.

She wants Charlie to feel like this; she wants her to feel slutty and used. By the time she ascends the escalator, Emma is glad of the cool evening air on her skin. She imagines pulling Charlie’s top up and her bra down to roughly squeeze her tits. She imagines ordering her to bend over and grab her ankles for a fuck where Emma feels off balance. She’s going to force her down on her knees and tell her that she’d better get her off if she wants a chance to come herself. She’s going to make her pay for those teasing photos that distracted her just when she needed to focus.

It’s a five minute walk back to their flat from the station. Five minutes that Emma barely notices when her arousal burns through her and there are filthy words in her ears. It’s a route that’s so familiar that she can all but tune out, focussing instead on all the ways she’s going to fuck her girlfriend into mewling submission. Before she knows it, she’s turning the key to let herself in. She’s proud of how steady she’s able to keep her voice when she takes off her headphones and calls out.

“Get in here, slut. I’m going to remind you what happens to bratty little sluts who only think about themselves.”

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Kind of public sex: getting fucked so hard people hear

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